The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Car: Six Questions to Ask

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 05:56 pm

When you plan to buy a car, you have several options. You must ask a few questions that help you make wise decisions. Read each question listed below, record your answers, and move on if the vehicle does not fit all your criteria. New car buyers should keep this list on hand. Experienced car buyers should adjust their tactics accordingly.

Car History?

You need to see the vehicle’s history. Most companies offer a history report when you check out the car. Even so, you should read the report before test driving. Avoid cars that have been in severe accidents or experienced frightening recalls.

What Are the Options?

You need to know all the options on the car. Options for any vehicle speak to what it does for you and the value it provides. Avoid cars that do not offer value. If the vehicle does not have the options you want, move on to something else. Ask for alternatives on the lot, try other models, or look at used cars.

Effectively Search

You can search for a new vehicle today such as NZ cars SUV or sedan, find the best value, and drive away in an enjoyable car as per your requirement. Consider asking all six questions mentioned here before making a final decision and investing tens of thousands of dollars. You can go with confidence knowing that you got the best value for your money from a manufacturer you trust.

How Much Does the Car Cost?

The dealer should lay out the price of the vehicle with line-items for each fee. Ask the dealer to remove excessive fees or provide a credit where applicable. If you do not question the price of the car, you might overpay. The dealer may choose to add more fees to the vehicle’s cost, or a private seller might raise the price after a few days hoping you will pay.

If new vehicles are too expensive, consider buying a used car with low mileage. These vehicles are almost brand new, have an active warranty, and remain cost-effective. Ask the dealer if it can service used cars built by other manufacturers. 

How Much is My Trade-In Worth?

The trade-in value for your current vehicle should be determined using the Kelly Blue Book. You can research an approximate value for your trade-in before going to the dealership. Ask the dealer why they have assigned your vehicle a particular value. If you feel the dealer’s reasoning is flimsy, you may haggle for a better price or move on.

Clean out the trade-in before going to the lot. Remove all personal items, and take the tags off the car while at the dealership. 

Can I Finance the Vehicle?

You may go to a dealership with financing lined up for your vehicle. If so, ask the dealer if they will communicate with your lender. If you do not have financing, ask the dealer what types of financing they offer. Ask if there are specials or discounts available. You may also ask if the dealer will absorb leftover value from your trade-in.

Ask the dealer if it can arrange for financing the same day. You want to leave the lot in your new vehicle, and you should go home if you must wait until the next day.

Can I Order My Vehicle at the Dealership?

You may not find the sort of vehicle you want on the lot. Ask the dealer if you may order a car with the specifications you prefer. While you may pay a service charge for your order, the dealer should not increase the vehicle’s price beyond those you have seen on the lot.

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