Audi Exclusive: Uniqueness and Exclusivity That Meets Personal Needs

Last Updated on: 28th May 2024, 01:44 pm

While most cars are mass-produced, Audi offers a unique solution. The Audi Exclusive program allows you to order a model tailored to your needs, bringing back the true meaning of exclusivity. Experts at compare these models to rare antiques, as they retain their value and can even grow over time.

Introduced in 1995, the Audi Exclusive program revolutionized the car customization experience. It allows customers worldwide to request options beyond the regular Audi catalog. This project enables customers to add special features like colored leather interiors and beautiful wood trims directly from the factory, making the Audi Exclusive program a perfect solution.

How does it work?

A journey to a custom Audi begins at the dealership. Here, customers can place orders for specifically trimmed automobiles. However, due to limited production capacity, the manufacturer strongly advises booking a production slot at the start of the year to secure your customization. While exact figures are unavailable, it’s clear that the Audi Exclusive program is popular among more expensive Audi models. For example,  25% of R8 models are made through this program.

As it has already become apparent, Audi Exclusive is a package the manufacturer offers, allowing you to equip Audi cars according to your needs. Of course, although the individual configuration of the vehicle is limited, the customers have much freedom, allowing them to choose the most acceptable option. Many people think the Audi Exclusive program will enable them to select different car parts, including engine equipment. Unfortunately, it is usually only related to the appearance of the interior or exterior of the car. For example, the most popular Audi Exclusive solution is the interior in several colors, which cannot be obtained by purchasing a vehicle in the usual way. The same situation applies to the body color of the Audi car. It is Exclusive and allows you to choose practically any vehicle color, which can be a great way to stand out from the crowd and meet your needs perfectly.

Interior and exterior options

One of the bright aspects of the program is the broad range of colors accessible through its configurator. When placing an order for a vehicle, depending on the model, customers can choose from more than 50 pre-approved colors across five different finishes: Metallic, Pearl Effect, Uni, Matte, and Crystal effect. Most people focus on the external looks, but many things can be changed in the interior of the car. Numerous Audi Exclusive options allow the customer to personalize the interior. The program has eight leather colors, 11 options for accent stitching, and five unique wood inlays. Customers can add interior customizations such as exclusive floor mats, colored seat belts, or individual embroidery. Audi’s unique equipment line portfolio allows customers to have a car that is theirs exclusively from the inside out.

Despite the limitless possibilities of equipping Audi cars, even the most unique and beautiful models can face countless malfunctions that no one can predict. In such cases, it is often necessary to replace the car parts, which can be conveniently purchased here

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