The UK’s Highest and Lowest Price High Street Properties Revealed

The UK’s most expensive High Street properties have been revealed by leading business and residential directory site, who analysed millions of data points to find the average price for homes sold on High Streets over the past 10 years.

Broadway in the Cotswold village of Worcestershire topped the list with homes averaging £868,495 – a whopping £100,000 more than the second most expensive High Street.

Meanwhile, Sunderland High Street was revealed to be the most affordable in the UK, with an average price of £52,000 – £800,000 less than the highest.

Nathan Emerson, CEO of Propertymark, commented: “We know that the most expensive homes in England are in the south, so it is expected that this would follow suit when reporting on various other categories or credentials of properties.

“With populations growing, especially in the south, flats are more common and more affordable when looking to step onto the property ladder. It is unsurprising that newly built homes make up little of the total number of homes for sale given that UK Government is lacking in building an adequate provision for an ever-growing population.”

Flats were revealed to be the most popular property type for sale on High Streets over the past 10 years, making up 35.4%, while detached homes were the most expensive with an average sale price of £488,000.

For detailed analysis of the median prices and house types, visit for the full report on High Street homes.

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