New Product to Help Sleepyheads

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 12:24 pm

There’s a new supplement that can help all you sleepyheads feel a little bit more sprightly in the mornings.

The product comes from Galventa, a Swiss company who have done extensive research on the subject of sleep.

Their team has put together a product called ‘B・SYNC ON’ and claim that it can change how you feel when you are arising from a slumber.

The supplement in question contains caffeine, Vitamin B5, B12 and Zinc and is designed to be taken just before bedtime, as the ingredients have a tendency to activate around seven hours later.

Dr. Dario Dornbierer Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer of Galventa, discussed the tests and research that his team had to do to discover the effectiveness of this product.

He said: “We’ve conducted extensive sleep pharmacological testing among healthy volunteers. The results revealed a substantial improvement of the wake-up process. The majority of subjects reported a significantly improved mood and increased vigilance immediately after awakening”.

Sascha Fritsche, Co-Founder and CEO of Galventa, added that this product was made out of necessity.

He said: “Most members of our team are night owls that have a hard time getting up in the morning and were thus even more motivated to create an effective countermeasure”.

B・SYNC ON is available in the UK from March 7th.

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