Alert your little eco-warriors, as there is a new comic on the scene and it is taking on the biggest global challenge there is!

HAPSIE is a comic strip that comes from the minds at renewable energy company, Clean Planet Energy. It is comic that is trying to inspire, educate and entertain young eco-warriors who care about the world they are inheriting.

It features a varied group of individuals, with some of the characters immediately on-board with the changes that the world needs and some who need convincing.

This comic has been described as funny and at times, even a little silly, but nonetheless, important.

Bertie Stephens, CEO of Clean Planet Energy, and acting as the inaugural Editor of the HAPSIE, thinks it could be a good way to educate children on the challenges of climate change.

He said: “Every weekday at 2.30pm we unveil a new story from one of the 10+ brilliant HAPSIE characters. Most of the time these stories help us better the world around us in an entertaining way [and] other times they are just being a little bit silly.”

Mr Stephens added that the comic strip features characters that most people will relate to.

He said: “Accessible, Diverse, and Enjoyable were key milestones when planning HAPSIE. We wanted the content to be free and entertaining for all ages, and with a team of writers and illustrators in 6 of the 7 continents we hope our stories and characters can help reflect all walks of life”.

The website will host these daily comics, while it also features details about a bi-annual hardback and has videos and games starring the comic’s key characters.