The future of the tourism industry

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 01:11 pm

The travel industry is currently under a lot of pressure. Since the whole world reopened, a lot of people have been wanting to start traveling again. This has resulted in an increased demand, which in turn means higher prices, since the industry is not able to increase the supply. This is true for the most popular travel destinations, but many companies in the industry have also found new ways to help their customers.

Read along as we give you an overview of the latest news in the tourism industry.

New travel destinations

The market for tourism has gone through a revolution, broadening its offerings to meet the demands of new target groups. The travelers today are more diverse than previously, which means that a wide variety of services should be provided.

More travel friendly cities for example, are being explored by travelers who want to experience different cultures of the capitals of the world. Destinations like Austria, Warsaw and Dublin are examples of destinations that have enjoyed attention from tourists seeking to experience different cultures than the most popular ones. Perhaps because they have already been there, or maybe because these destinations are cheaper, both to travel, and to live in.

Improving customer service

To conquer this new market, some companies have adapted by increasing the travel options that they can offer their customers. Other companies have improved their service elsewhere. Improving customer service often comes at a big expense, but most companies underestimate the potential gains this can have.

Customer service is a great way of keeping existing customers, which is known to be much cheaper than getting new customers into the fold. Many customers want as little trouble as possible, and many travelers are okay with the price corresponding to the service that they get.

New technology allows your company to increase the level of customer service you can provide, without increasing the cost of your customer service by hiring more employees. This is done by investing in quality management systems from Nexcom, which helps you measure, analyze and understand where and how to improve your customer service.

This software provides you with data driven analytics of your customer service efforts. It allows you to improve on the customer service that you currently provide, without the typical increase in expenses to your customer service department that typically come by hiring managers to manage and monitor employees.

Group traveling

New generations of travelers are being born and young people are prioritizing traveling over marrying, investing in property and the like. These new travelers are eager to travel, without having the experience. As such, many travel agencies have started to offer their customers the option to join a group of other travelers. This way, you get to meet new people that you can travel with and share a lot of exciting experiences with, that otherwise would not be possible, or would be very expensive to do without being in a group and getting a collective discount.

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