No matter what sector your organisation serves, moving and storing goods is usually one of the primary tasks associated with warehouses. This task is often accomplished with the assistance of wooden pallets; however, despite being a popular choice across most organisations’ pallets aren’t suitable for all types of goods.

As well as having a limited lifespan, pallets cannot cope with the heavy weight loads that warehouses command, unlike stillages. Stillages are a much more effective way of transporting and storing warehouse goods since you can tailor them to custom specifications to ensure they can always handle and protect your stock. Still not convinced? Below we list several benefits of using stillages in your organisation:

Saves Space 

One of the most significant benefits of using stillages in your organisation is that they can help you maximise your warehouse’s space. Unlike wooden pallets, stillages offer extremely versatile storage solutions, take up very little space, and are more durable.

Since they can be stacked vertically, it frees up more space in your warehouse for more critical business aspects. Some stillages are even manufactured with a half-drop-down door, meaning they can be stacked on top of each other, whether full or empty, without disturbing operations.

The stillages we’ve mentioned can be sourced through leading providers like RollPallet UK, who provide a range of specialist logistics and materials handling equipment for various industries. For more insight, visit their website to browse their wide range of trolleys, stillages, and roll cages to see how their products could streamline your supply chain today.

Good Functionality

Unlike wooden pallets, another benefit that comes with the usage of stillages is that they can be easily customised to specific specifications. Depending on which provider you use to source your stillages, you should be able to customise your stillages in various ways, from adding plates to implementing Bluetooth and GPS tracking solutions.

Additionally, stillages can be used with other warehouse equipment such as forklifts, which further helps smooth your business operations. In short, stillages act as a two-for-one, meaning that businesses don’t just get a well-functioning storage solution, but they also receive an excellent transport container.

Improves Safety

Another benefit of using stillages in your organisation is that they can help improve the safety measures in place at your warehouse. Unlike wooden pallets, stillages are designed to withstand the heavy loads that warehouses command since they are built for longevity and the fluctuating temperatures that warehouse workers experience daily.

In short, this helps warehouse operatives create a safer transport and storage system that minimises disruptions and reduces the risk of accidents. Since stillages are made of durable, high-quality steel that won’t splinter or break as easily as wood, you won’t have to deal with the mess and inconvenience of broken wooden pallets—making for a safer workplace overall.

Increased Longevity

 Another main benefit of using stillages in your organisation is that, unlike traditional means of warehouse transportation and storage, stillages are built to last. Wooden pallets can splinter easily when subjected to heavy loads, resulting in a loss of productivity and money. In contrast, stillages are designed from durable, high-strength materials, less likely to break or suffer damage – making them a better investment.