TenAlytics commits to help Africans find employment in tech in Europe

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 06:16 pm

10Alytics, a renowned EdTech company, has confirmed its commitment to help Africans land tech jobs in Europe and other continents.

The co-founders, who spoke in an interview recently, made this known while highlighting the company’s plans for the year.

Co-founder, Efemena Ikpro, said, “A lot of people are not in their desired career paths, especially Nigerians in the diaspora. You see videos on social media of Africans advising others not to relocate abroad due to either their struggle with menial jobs, especially those in care and support jobs or the cost of living and I wonder if these people know that they can actually get jobs in tech within 2 – 3 months of learning and earn a lot higher with good career progression at the comfort of their homes.”

“So, this year, we want to change the narrative that Nigerians who relocate do not need to do care, support or warehouse jobs to survive when they can get well paying tech jobs. We want to make people understand how easy it is to acquire soft/hard skills that can change their lives and career paths.”

He stated that the company was working on new initiatives, which would be announced in due course, in addition to other programs that would run during the year, as with previous years.

Adeiza Suleman, the co-founder of 10Alytics, said the company’s major achievement has been training over 22,000 across four continents: Africa, Europe, North America and the Middle East within the space of less than 3 years and helping over 300 people get jobs by transitioning from the classroom to their desired jobs. Quite a number of our participants got jobs with Amazon, NHS, Cognizant, Western Union, Google, HSBC, Post Office, PwC, JP Morgan, British American Tobacco, Deloitte, Microsoft, Lloyds, Bank of America, DPD, Accenture, amongst others. He noted that with the incorporation of data analytics into different job roles and functions like HR Analytics, Commercial Analytics, Product Analytics, Supply Chain Analytics, etc across the world, it was important for Africans to key into such initiatives.

Adeiza said, “Like Efe said earlier, you see a lot of Africans in different countries across Europe and you notice that majority of them engage in doing menial jobs — from bike delivery services to restaurant attendants, drivers, care assistants, etc. Not to look down on any profession, but we want to first create the awareness and then bring as many people into tech as possible.”

“Over the years, since starting 10Alytics, we’ve been able to help these kinds of people understand that there are jobs that will pay a lot higher in terms of remuneration and career progression and is less stressful physically. For us, we see this as Africans, as 10Alytics, solving Africa’s problems.”
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