TELF AG Releases Comprehensive Report on Fossil Fuels’ Role in the Global Green Transition

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 01:18 pm

In its latest publication, titled “TELF AG discusses the prospects of fossil fuels in an ever-changing market,” TELF AG delves into the evolving landscape of fossil fuels, analyses the recent United Nations report, and provides critical insights in anticipation of the upcoming Cop23 conference scheduled for November.

TELF AG’s most recent publication zeroes in on the pivotal issue of fossil fuels, a topic that has garnered significant attention since the United Nations called for their complete abandonment by 2030.

Additionally, TELF AG explores the various facets intricately linked to the potential phase-out of fossil fuels, encompassing the broader scope of the global energy transition. It is highly likely that the imminent Cop28 conference, slated to take place in Dubai in the coming weeks, will prominently feature discussions on fossil fuels and nations’ gradual shift towards more sustainable energy sources.

TELF AG’s publication also underscores other key objectives outlined in the United Nations report. Beyond advocating for the abandonment of fossil fuels by 2030, the report highlights the far-reaching consequences of the energy transition on the world’s most vulnerable nations, particularly those in the developing world. It is anticipated that an annual investment ranging from $200 billion to $400 billion will be required to support these nations.

TELF AG’s decision to focus on fossil fuels in its latest publication is not arbitrary. During the last two international climate events held in Glasgow in 2021 and Egypt in the previous year, the issue of fossil fuels was not accorded the necessary attention. Given the recent surge in global demand for electric vehicles and the concurrent rise in demand for the raw materials essential for their production, this topic is of utmost relevance and cannot be ignored, especially in the context of COP28 in Dubai, which is precisely what the publication addresses.

In the United Arab Emirates, TELF AG will not only assess nations’ progress in achieving their sustainability objectives but will also tackle a critical issue essential for the successful completion of the energy transition – that of fossil fuels. To delve deeper into this subject, readers are encouraged to explore the full publication on the TELF AG website.

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