TalkTalk Internet Customers Flock Back Home

Home Telecom, a subsidiary of Telecom Acquisitions Group, has recently announced the acquisition of TalkTalk customers who are currently signed up with Cuckoo Internet. Cuckoo Internet, a two-time winner of MoneySavingExpert’s top broadband provider for customer service, will now be managed by Home Telecom.

In light of this acquisition, Home Telecom’s Managing Director Nigel Barnett has reassured customers that there will be no changes to the terms and prices currently offered by Cuckoo Internet. The internet connection, which is provided through TalkTalk and BT, will also remain unchanged. This acquisition is simply a migration of accounts and will not affect any services.

This latest deal brings the total number of customers managed by Home Telecom to approximately 100,000. In total, 11 internet service providers have partnered with Home Telecom for ongoing service and support through acquisition or partnership agreements.

Barnett explains that Home Telecom’s business strategy involves acquiring around 3,000 customers per month through organic growth and expanding further through the acquisition of residential bases from broadband providers who are looking to focus more on the B2B market.

According to Barnett, the market for internet providers is changing, with new AltNets entering the market and driving prices down to gain volume sales. At the same time, suppliers are increasing prices annually for their reseller partners. This has had a significant impact on the market, with smaller resellers offering competitive prices on comparison websites and absorbing the RPI increase applied by providers, resulting in a 20% decrease in profits.

Home Telecom’s portfolio now includes several brands, such as Home Telecom, which offers flexible contracts for tenants and services from various providers, including BT, TalkTalk, Virgin, Sky, and Vodafone, as well as AltNets CityFibre, MS3, FullFibre, OFNL, Freedom Fibre, and F&W Networks.

Fleur Telecom, another brand under Home Telecom, currently supports over 25,000 customers who were previously discarded by larger providers or whose supplier ceased to operate.

Eclipse Telecom, which was acquired by Home Telecom two years ago, supports 10,000 former KCOM customers outside of the company’s Hull operation.

Barnett adds that all customers can use a simple postcode checker to find the best service for them. With over 10,000 Trust Pilot reviews rated “Excellent” and the company’s motto of “we can do better,” Home Telecom strives to improve every day.

For further information or comments, please contact Nigel Barnett, CEO of Telecoms Acquisitions Ltd, at


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