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Ocado’s pet store ‘Fetch.co.uk’ launches giant super bowl

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 05:41 am

Online pet store Fetch.co.uk has probably launched the world’s largest dog bowl, to educate pet lovers across the UK about the importance of keeping their mutts hydrated in the summer months.

The company which is part of the online supermarket giant Ocado, has built what could be the world’s largest dog bowl, in a bid to educate the country about keeping our dogs hydrated in the summer.

The dog bowl stretches 4.5m in diameter, stands at 1m tall and can hold up to 2000 litres of water, providing an ample thirst quencher for pooches this summer.
It is being unveiled today at Kennington Park in South London with plans to tour it across the UK once the capital’s thirst has been quenched.

  • Over 80% of a dog’s weight comes from water but dogs lose water much more quickly than humans because they don’t sweat and cool themselves primarily by panting.
  • A dog can become dangerously ill if it loses even 10% of this water weight, and as a nation of dog lovers, it’s vital that we keep our dog’s hydrated, particularly in the summer.
  • Fetch’s in-house vet, Lauren Vrsalovich, has provided top tips for spotting and tackling dehydration in dogs.
Dog enjoying the super bowl

Dogs can quickly become overheated when locked inside cars, even when the windows are open. The RSPCA’s advice if you see a dog in a car on a warm day is to not panic and asses the animals condition, if they are displaying signs of heatstroke you should call 999 immediately. Further advice can be found here.

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