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Rendall & Rittner saves 477 tons of Co2 emissions with new eco partnership

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 05:40 pm

Residential managing agent Rendall & Rittner has unveiled it will save an estimated 477 tons of CO2 emissions each year after partnering with ecological cleaning company, Delphis Eco – this equates to the same amount of CO2 needed to circumnavigate the world 330 times. The company that manages 44,000 units across London decided to change all its cleaning products to the plant-based cleaning solution. This reduced the number of different cleaning products staff used by 40%, which in turn reduced the company’s environmental impact in line with its sustainable policy.

Directors at Rendall & Rittner switched to Delphis Eco’s award-winning product range that now has two Royal Warrants, after a successful pilot scheme at three of its developments. The use of the cleaners including multi-purpose cleaner, washroom cleaner and anti-bacterial sanitiser, are now being used at all its sites. Rendall & Rittner also took the bold step of mandating its supply chain to use the products, with one cleaning contractor saving £6,000 per year by converting to Delphis Eco.

Cleaning staff and contractors are happy with the switch. During the trial programme 98% of those surveyed said they felt the new products were better or the same as the incumbent ones. It also proved that Rendall & Rittner could reduce its chemical spend and save its customers a total of £50,000 per year.

Rendall & Rittner Director, Catherine Riva, comments: “We recognised that switching to the ecological cleaning products would work in-line with our sustainability policy. This project has enhanced our approach to sustainability, not just through our company but across our supply chain. We wanted to make our suppliers aware of the products and show them the benefits of going green. This successful partnership has shown that we can play a proactive role in managing sustainable developments by asking those we work with to follow our lead.

“As committed and responsible agents we will always look for innovative ways to enhance our sustainability offering not only in terms of energy efficiency and savings, but also in relation to community engagement, support and improvement.”

Delphis Eco’s uses rainwater during its production process and its product ingredients, transportation, and packaging, are all positively impacting its carbon footprint. For example, delivering a box of two, five-litres of products compared to 55 boxes of six ready-to-use trigger sprays results in a saving of 332 trigger bottles, 54 less deliveries and 331.84kgs of CO2 emissions.

Mark Jankovich, CEO at Delphis Eco comments: “We are solely focused on green issues and when we were approached by Rendall & Rittner we knew that we could work with them to reduce the amount of products that they were using, save them money and decrease their CO2 emissions.

“All of our products are shipped in concentrate form to reduce transport and carbon miles. But that’s the tip of the iceberg when it comes to sustainability!

“This project with Rendall & Rittner is a great example of one company influencing their supply chain to make that green step change. It has forged the way for other FM companies to use ecological products and we would love to see more companies taking the lead.”

Cleaning contractor Mara, that works with Rendall & Rittner, has since also switched to using Delphis Eco products. Michael Foy, business development manager, adds: “Since the adoption of procuring and utilising Delphis Eco we have benefited financially and operationally, and in turn so have our clients.

“Since the introduction of these sustainable products we have reduced our range without impacting quality or productivity. We have also observed various health benefits such as improved skin care and respiratory improvements in some of our cleaning operatives and we know that cleaning teams employed directly by our clients have seen the same.

“By implementing Delphis Eco into our business it has led a change in mind-set among our employees, which has brought a more sustainable feel to our whole business. We also went onto employ the use of electrical vehicles too in order to reduce our carbon footprint further and pass on the financial benefits to our clients.”

Rendall & Rittner will work with Delphis Eco to set up a further pilot scheme later this year to introduce residents at its developments to the product. Residents will be able to make use of the cleaning products that they can refill using refill stations onsite.

Other sustainability initiatives that Rendall & Rittner include: time, motion-sensored low energy lighting, recycling schemes, and operating a Green Office Policy.

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