Study Shows Significant Variations in Thanksgiving Airport Ride Costs

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 02:34 pm

Obi, the foremost global app for taxi and rideshare comparisons, boasting over 350,000 users, has unveiled a valuable guide aimed at helping Thanksgiving travellers with their often arduous journeys.

By tapping into its vast data resources, Obi has published essential details regarding airport ride expenses, enabling travellers to foresee their likely costs. The research also uncovered price variations as high as 37% between Uber and Lyft during the previous Thanksgiving.

Principal insights from Obi’s Thanksgiving data analysis are as follows:

  1. The price gap between Uber and Lyft was as high as 37% during Thanksgiving 2022.
  2. Based on last year’s data, 78% of airports are expected to see an increase in prices this Thanksgiving.
  3. New Yorkers are predicted to encounter the most substantial hike in airport ride prices in comparison to other major US airports.
  4. Data from the TLC last November indicated that Uber users were significantly lower tippers than those using Lyft and yellow taxis.

Uber Riders Fall Short in Tipping

Ahead of Thanksgiving, Obi delved into NYC TLC data, uncovering that average tipping amounts from Manhattan to JFK last November showed a stark contrast between yellow cabs, Uber, and Lyft, with Uber passengers being the least generous.

Uber / Lyft Pricing Disparity: 37%

The most pronounced price difference between Uber and Lyft services last Thanksgiving was seen at ATL (Atlanta) Airport, where average rates varied by as much as 37%.

Predicting Thanksgiving Ride Expenses

Leveraging its extensive data, Obi provides predictions on the cost of travel during Thanksgiving. The 2022 data suggest that nearly 78% of airports will experience price increases over the Thanksgiving period. Notably, New Yorkers are likely to see the highest rise in airport ride charges compared to other major US airports.

Average costs for airport rides from America’s leading airports last Thanksgiving:

  • Newark: $79
  • JFK: $75
  • Denver: $64
  • Atlanta: $52
  • San Francisco: $51
  • Dallas Fort Worth: $48
  • Los Angeles: $48
  • Chicago O’Hare: $45
  • Las Vegas: $22

Comprehensive Infographic

Additional charts and data related to Thanksgiving are available from Obi.

Thanksgiving Travel Guidance

Master Thanksgiving travel with Obi’s bespoke rideshare tips and advice.

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