Spain’s New Sensation: Carlos Alcaraz

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 07:06 am

Gone are the days when Tennis was solely dominated by the big three. There is a new boy in town and his name is Carlos Alcaraz. With utter domination and almost 65 Grand Slam singles titles between Nadal, Djokovic, and Federer, finally, it is safe to say that the era of the big three has finally come to an end.

With Federer retired and Nadal looking toward his last season in 2024, Djokovic remains the only ancient relic of the past that is still racking up major trophies. A force to be reckoned with nonetheless, Djokovic remains one of the fittest players on the tour and will have his way for most tournaments until his body or passion give up on him.

However, with his win over one of the toughest competitors on the tour this week, Carlos Alcaraz seems to be the next tennis superstar that we all have been looking for. For now, it is safe to claim that we have another tough competitor that is gradually rising the ranks, and has the pedigree as well as potential to become one of the greatest champions of the next two decades.

Will he be able to achieve it? Only time and the test of nerves can tell. However, with his win on the biggest stages in tennis, he certainly packs a punch and has the momentum to disrupt the tour for good.

Carlos Alcaraz Garcia: The Wimbledon Dream Come True

Hailing from El Palmar, Murcia, the 20-year-old is the headline of every major sports publication out there, all together singing praise on the incredible prowess of the new bull from Spain. With a Grand Slam final five-set record of 10-1, Djokovic lost his only five-setter Grand Slam final in 2006. So, it was no easy feat defeating the Serbian machine. Coming off huge wins in the Australian Open and the French Open, he also had momentum with him to defeat an amateur who was only playing his second tournament on grass.

However, it was as if the story was written in the stars for this kind. “A dream come true”, in his own words. Credit should be given to Djokovic for giving Alcaraz the toughest assignment of his life. If it had not been for his misfiring forehand Novak would have won an 8th Wimbledon championship, equaling Federer’s record as the champion of champions at the All England Club.

However, it was meant to be a new beginning. The youngest world no. 1, chiseled point after point with his immaculate serve, roaring forehand, and cheeky finesse from the baseline to give the 36-year-old champion a run for the ages. He not only showed Federer-like class but also a ferocious Nadal-like grit. What is even more terrifying is the way he covered the whole court like Djokovic and often punished him with thundering winners out of nowhere.

With two Grand Slams under his belt, Alcaraz certainly combines the strengths of the big three at a very young age and seems to be on his way to becoming the future of modern tennis and sports entertainment.


An aggressive and intense player off the bat, Alcaraz can hit powerful and clean strokes at will. A cool and composed conductor at the baseline who has an unmatched subtlety in throwing drop shots and lobs, naturally inclining his style toward the Swiss maestro himself.

Injury Concerns

There have been injury concerns over his withdrawal from the Australian Open this year. Nonetheless, he made a raving comeback never looking back with multiple wins that included the Argentina Open, Barcelona Open, Madrid Open, Queens Club Championship, and lastly the prestigious Wimbledon Championship. His body is conditioned like Nadal’s muscular build when he first started the tour, so whether it sustains on the tour long term only time can tell. If he manages to keep his body in shape and avoid injuries, then he will be a tough egg to crack for everyone on tour.

A Few Hits Wonder or the Future of Tennis

The new breed of tennis stars for the greater part of the last decade has been one-hit wonders and grave disappointments in terms of consistency and grit. Except for Andy Murray, no other player has even come close to the colossal stature of the big three.

There have been many challengers on tour who tried to disrupt the winning streak but all failed to emulate the same legacy or even reach double figures. We have the case of Juan Martin Del Potro who won the US Open in 2009 after a tough semifinal and final against Nadal and Federer, respectively, at the peak of their powers. The expectations were that we have another young sensation in town, but what the years ahead offered was nothing but disappointment. Similarly, Stan Wawrinka showed similar potential by winning three grand slams but ultimately failed to recover from an abyss of continuing injuries for the last 7 years.

Where to Watch Him Next

The new challenger looks promising and will be defending his crown at the US Open soon. To watch him in full grand slam mode on US Open Live, subscribe to Xfinity Internet services for a seamless and buffer-free experience. For plans and connection details, their customer service team is available 24/7 at the Xfinity customer service number.

Wrapping Up

The future of tennis looks much brighter with the solid promise Carlos Alcaraz brings to the center court.

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