SODEXO Helps Shape the Workplace of Tomorrow

As the global landscape undergoes rapid changes, Sodexo Corporate Services has shed light on the key elements needed to secure a positive future of the workplace. Their Corporate Services Client Survey from 2023 uncovered insights on the preferences of remote working, cost consciousness, and employee disconnection.

Julie Ennis, CEO of Sodexo Corporate Services UK & Ireland, commented: “Over the last years the global workforce has seen a magnitude of shifts. Building a future proof workplace is no longer a luxury, it is a must. In order to retain our people, who remain the centre of the workplace environment, it is imperative that solutions are created now.”

The survey of 3000 workers from both the private and public sectors revealed that employees prefer remote working and are cost conscious above all else, with 43% of people being quietly dissatisfied with their jobs and 28% being disengaged and wanting to quit. Human connection is missing from the work ecosystem, with 1 in 5 dealing with poor mental health and a similar proportion with poor physical health.

Ennis further noted: “Work place strategies can’t be a ‘one size fits all’ solution. Our research has shown differing preferences for quiet spaces or lively, creative environments. Understanding that ‘flexibility’ carries different meanings for different people is key.”

The data also showed that solutions such as socialising, free or subsidised food, comfort in the working environment and subsidised commute could help bring people back to the office and address the cost of living crisis.

Adrian Evans, Food Transformation Director at Sodexo, commented: “Food matters to employees, and it is underrated by employers as a means to improve satisfaction levels and performance.” The survey revealed that nearly 20% of employees are dissatisfied with the meal solutions at the workplace and 42% use onsite food services, despite 72% having access to them.

Sodexo’s research further demonstrated that sustainability is a key concern for employees, with 90% waiting for their employers to improve on sustainability and 78% finding it to be very important. Strategies must be communicated to employees to build on these relationships.

Sodexo’s survey highlights the need for organisations to adapt to ensure an engaged and positive future workplace. Transparency, communication, benefits and dynamic environments are key to achieving this.

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