Service professionals would earn 103% more on average if they went self-employed

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 04:27 am

Europe’s leading online local services marketplace has conducted internal research and discovered that service professionals could earn 103% more on average if they went self-employed. The research involved a survey of more than 20,000 self-employed professionals in the UK, across 11 trade sectors, including: plumbers, counselling and personal trainers, and compared how much they earn in relation to their employed counterparts.  

Service professionals in the UK could be earning more than double their current salary if they went self-employed, Europe’s leading online local services marketplace has revealed. Its internal research looked at 11 different sectors, and included a survey of more than 20,000 self-employed professionals across the UK.

The research, which was conducted by, compared the average salaries for employees* across 11 sectors, with how much their self-employed counterparts earn before tax.

The site surveyed 2,000 professionals from each sector, asking about their average salary. The sectors interrogated were: plumbers, electricians, personal trainers, builders, landscape gardeners, counselling, cleaners, painter and decorators, photographers, private tutors and carpenters.

Click here to view a full breakdown of the findings:

According to the report, the profession which experiences the biggest increase in earnings when going self-employed is landscape gardening, with providers earning 198.9% more on average. They are followed closely by carpenters whose salaries can increase by an average of 185% when they become self-employed.

Builders also see a significant increase in earnings when working for themselves, with the average salary going up by around £47,120 a year. On top of this, counsellor’s salaries increase from £23,754 a year to £45,111, an increase of almost 90%.

Across all 11 of these sectors, employees within these disciplines could earn on average 103% more by going self-employed.

The Bark app and online platform, Europe’s leading local services marketplace, connect customers with local professionals for any project, including accountants, cleaners, DJs, personal trainers, plumbers, web designers and wedding photographers, to name a few.’s goal is to revolutionise how people find and sell local services online, get quotes, read reviews, message the professionals and hire – all through the app and website.

Kai Feller, co-founder, said,

“At Bark we work with thousands of self-employed sole traders, and thought it would be interesting to see how much they earn a year, compared to their employed counterparts. The survey took a good couple of months, but was well worth the wait, because the results speak for themselves – being self-employed results in a much higher income. We were expecting them to earn more, but almost double on average is a huge increase.

“That being said being self-employed comes with a lot more work, responsibility and pressure more often than not, it’s definitely not a career choice to be taken lightly.”


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