The ‘Uber for healthcare’ launches

Dubbed the ‘Uber for healthcare’, Scruubs (not related to the famous American comedy-drama series Scrubs) is launching an app that connects patients on-demand with doctors, nurses and other medical professionals for all their healthcare needs.

Based in Atlanta, the firm has already attracted over three hundred licensed medical and non-medical professionals who are ready to assist patients with their needs from October when the app launches.

The rise of Telemedicine Apps has skyrocketed over the last few years with more than half of U.S hospitals adopting a telemedicine programme. The industry was valued at approximately $17.8 billion in 2014 and is predicted to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 18.4% by 2020.

As the statistics above show, telemedicine is nothing new, many apps have been around for several years. For example Babylon Health which was founded in 2013 and currently dominates the UK on-demand doctor industry. Doctor On Demand is another app that is aimed at US customers and already has years of experience in this space.

According to CNBC, billions of dollars have been poured into healthcare apps by investors hoping that millennials will opt for digital consultations as opposed to a face-to-face but the user pickup has not been as promising as hoped with over 80% preferring the latter.

That said that the Telemedicine industry has many potential upsides for patients including the averting embarrassing conditions like STI’s. These apps can also help those who are not able to obtain a doctors appointment in their local country or any language barriers while travelling. Mental health app’s are also another angle these apps are taking which seems promising.

According to a press release, Scruubs aims to grow and make health and wellness services accessible without having insurance and is seeking investment via an upcoming startup round. The founder plans to address accredited investors and potential partners in a pitch webinar on later this month.

“We expected a huge interest from medical professionals, but not as many applicants as we received,” says Lisa Lamb, Scruubs founder and chief operations officer. “We are limiting the onboarding amount to two hundred for the launch, and adding more as demand grows. There are several primary care doctors in the major counties that want to participate and we are really happy with the early support we’ve received.”

Scruubs does not require or accept health insurance. The amount per Scruubs visit by a licensed medical professional is from $50 – $100USD, and medical rides start at $1.50USD per mile. Users will be able to use a major credit, debit card, third party payment services or cryptocurrency to pay for their visits and medical rides.

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