Sami Wunder Explains the Benefits of Rotational Dating

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 02:26 am

One of the most controversial aspects of modern dating is the concept of ‘rotational dating’. This article explores the dating strategy in more depth.

What Is Rotational Dating?

Rotational dating is nonexclusive. It involves going on multiple dates with multiple people.

Dating coach Sami Wunder advocates the approach. She explains that many women come to her because they are fed up of wasting time on men who are not a good match. They grow jaded, tiring of the dating scene.

Wunder explains that ‘dating’ multiple men doesn’t equate to ‘sleeping with’ multiple partners. There is nothing sleazy about the idea of rotational dating. It is simply the notion of a woman increasing the odds by meeting more men, until she finds the right connection with someone who can give her the level of commitment that she needs.

Wunder points out that rotational dating helps women avoid wasting time with someone who is not right for them. How likely is it that the first man who shows a woman any attention will be the one she wants to spend the rest of her life with?

Sami Wunder admits that, to a dignified woman, the idea of rotational dating may sound sleazy, awkward, and weird. Actually, it is just the opposite. Wunder advocates her clients holding back from having sex. This prevents them getting emotionally attached until they know the person is a good match.

She explains that bringing sex into the equation too early can sabotage the relationship, resulting in clients getting dumped or ghosted. They then have to go through the recovery process, getting angry and jaded, wondering how they ended up heartbroken again.

Many women in their 30s feel they are running out of time. They feel pressure to settle down. Since men can reproduce well into their 70s, they tend not to worry. This is precisely why rotational dating is so important for women.

It enables women to experience many men at the same time. Holding back on sexual intimacy enables women to stay objective. They can see the different options and choose the man that works best for them.

Counterintuitively, rotational dating can actually help persuade men that they want to commit.

Wunder explains that she rotationally dated until she had a ring on her finger, because that was the level of commitment she was looking for. Wunder accepts the same may not be true for everyone, but these many light-hearted ‘connection dates’ – meeting many different people – create optimised circumstances for meeting that special someone.

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