Revolutionary Alternative Treatment for Cancer Emerges: The Lazarus Pit

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 07:22 am

Exciting new research suggests that individuals battling cancer or autoimmune diseases might have an alternative to traditional treatments like radiation and chemotherapy. Eric Kikkert, a mathematics and quantum physics specialist based in Washington State, has developed an innovative method that opens up new possibilities. Kikkert’s previous work, including ‘The Slammer Method,’ explored alternative vaccines that utilize various techniques, such as applying extreme force to dismantle the organism and prepare it for the body’s immune system. This method, which does not rely on fetal cells or other particle toxins, has shown promise for both humans and animals, even demonstrating potential for combating HIV.

Introducing the Lazarus Pit, an alternative treatment method that encompasses a comprehensive and groundbreaking process. The medical publication of the Lazarus Pit can be found in the July 2023 issue of the European Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Volume 10. This alternative treatment employs the principles of particle physics, employing a concept known as Particle Progression. Particle Progression represents a new particle model that can even explain the creation of string theory, possessing the mathematical logic to describe quantum structures with or without the presence of energy. Through a process of reverse engineering mitosis, this particle model offers a highly effective alternative to chemotherapy, hyperbaric therapy, and other treatments for cancer and cellular degeneration. Moreover, it holds potential for addressing conditions like cellular fatigue and weakened immune health.

The treatment itself involves several key elements:

  1. The Ozonator: This device generates high levels of oxygen and is widely available for commercial and non-commercial use.
  2. The Lazarus Pit: Acting as a hot tub, the patient sits in this liquid chamber while receiving oxygen.
  3. Earth Battery: This component connects the liquid chamber to a compost of organic vegetation, replicating the natural bio-degradation energy produced by the stomach to combat cellular fatigue.
  4. Mineral, Vitamin, and Antioxidant Smoothie: In conjunction with the Lazarus Pit, this smoothie provides the body with the necessary conditions, particles, and energy for optimal immune health and cellular mitosis.

By combining the oxygenated liquid, earth battery, and smoothie, this treatment creates an environment that supports the body’s immune system and cellular regeneration.

Eric also emphasizes the importance of following a diet based on data collected by Ray Peat, a renowned cellular biologist with a PhD in physics. This dietary approach reduces lactate and enhances oxygenation, including foods such as lemons, avocados, berries, and dates. For more detailed information, the full article can be found here.

“This method is unique because it combines 40 years of biological data from the esteemed Dr. Ray Peat with a particle model that defines quantum relativity. It is a new frontier in advanced biomedical understanding,” explains Eric. This approach promotes natural regeneration, eliminates particle toxicity, and enhances overall bio-regeneration. Additionally, it has the potential to boost the immune system in general.

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