Cambridge based start-up ReCoVa-19 is supporting a UK-wide clinical trial into early interventions in Covid-19 cases in the community and care homes. The nationwide ‘Principle Trial’, being conducted by Oxford University, is seeking to find treatments that can be taken at home, helping all those 65 years plus, or those aged 50 plus with a co-morbidity, to get better quickly and stay out of hospital. By signposting recruitment to the trial through its Covid-19 testing and monitoring programmes, ReCoVa-19 is helping to tackle the pandemic from risk management to diagnosis and treatment.

ReCoVa-19 has developed a highly accurate and bespoke Covid-19 testing and wellness programme that allows businesses and organisations to manage risk and operate with confidence. The programme offers options including a completely proactive solution, testing for Covid-19 infection and immunity, with ongoing onsite monitoring, or health monitoring and reactive testing for suspect infections. The programme is backed by a patient management portal that allows confidential paperless handling of all data, which is also being used by some of the UK’s largest Pharmacies on a standalone basis.

ReCoVa-19 was approached by Professor Mahendra G. Patel, an Investigator and the National BAME and Community Pharmacy Lead for the Principle trial, requesting those that test positive through the portal are contacted in case they wish to participate. The goal would be to increase the public’s awareness of the trial and help find an early treatment. Through ReCoVa’s Positive Case Notification tool the in-house data controller can notify individuals who test positive and provide them with the information about the trial, while ensuring personal data is kept secure and confidential and remaining GDPR compliant.

Professor Patel said, “ReCoVa-19 presents a hugely valuable platform in helping to reach out to those people who test positive and have symptoms, from the moment they are diagnosed in the search for an effective and early treatment. Participation in the trial could help reduce their symptoms and even the chances of being hospitalised. At the same time, they would be playing a vital role in the wider fight against the effects of the pandemic. Everyone at risk and eligible is free to join the trial. It’s important we spread the message around this treatment trial as widely as possible as Covid-19 cases continue.”

The trial is evaluating the impact of treating patients (those 65 and over and those 50 and over with underlying conditions) whose symptoms started less than 14 days ago, with treatments already widely used in the NHS and which are approved as safe for use in this study. The study is being funded by UK Research and Innovation and the Department of Health and Social Care through the NIHR, and is called the Platform Randomised trial of Interventions against Covid-19 In older peoPLE, or PRINCIPLE for short. Those recruited to the trial will either receive usual care, or usual care and a treatment, which will be delivered directly to the home from the research team at Oxford.

Director, Clive Minihan said, “ReCoVa-19 launched earlier this year in response to the public health emergency of the pandemic to help minimise the spread of infection and facilitate safe working. We are proud to be supporting the UK government’s national priority public health trial for the treatment of Covid-19, which will hopefully lead to improved treatments and better patient outcomes, including reduced fatalities, in Covid cases and potentially other infectious diseases.”

The trial is open to all members of the public who fit the criteria. You can find out more about the trial on the trial website, where you can also answer questions to determine if you are eligible: or telephone 0800 138 0880.

Employers or business owners can find more information about the ReCoVa-19 programme at or contact an expert at to discuss their individual needs.