Prevent your system from threats: Here are the ways!

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 05:00 am

Nowadays, many people depend upon their laptops/computers for their personal and professional work commitments. As many employees are now working from home, they need to make their systems more efficient than ever before. Nobody wants to make their data vulnerable to hackers. That is the reason you must protect your device from all malicious and harmful threats.

You have come up at the right place if you want to know the ways to protect your precious system from threats. Scroll down and fetch yourself with all the answers!

Always choose encrypted networks – Wireless technology has been evolving for a decade. With this, we don’t mind sharing our personal information through public networks. But let us make you aware here! Sharing information through the public network is not always safe. We constantly connect our systems to the printers or the internet, and hackers take advantage of unprotected internet traffic.

To be safe from hackers, always use a VPN with strong encryption whether you are using Wi-Fi at home or in any shop. It is advisable not to broadcast your service set identifier (SSID) to anyone, even if they are your dearest relatives. In this case, you can create a guest SSID and a separate password for them.

Check the web browser and e-mail security settings – You can uplift the security of your device with the help of strict security settings for browser and email. For instance – Disable JavaScript as many hackers use it. You can also try disabling the browser cookies so that the websites cannot track your internet browsing habits.

Antivirus and malware software – If you don’t want to pay the high price for harmful hijacking, then remember to install quality malware or antivirus software. If you haven’t reviewed your system for quite a while, check cautiously whether it has become slow or the internet is not working properly. There could be other reasons that it is infected by malware. Anti-virus software will look for any malware or virus on your device and remove them. Do not forget to keep the software updated. This will protect you from many threats.

What to keep in mind when browsing – There are a few rules to keep in mind while browsing the web. Do not open those sites that have pirated material on them, especially sites like torrent. These types of sites have malware with them. Besides, never open the email attachment from a person you don’t know, as that could be a phishing scam. Some other tips are –

  • Scan every file before downloading, even if those files are from your known ones.
  • Check the URL by hovering your mouse over the link before clicking it, particularly if the link is in an email from an unknown person.
  • Ensure that you are visiting the site with a Secure Sockets Layer How can you verify this? Check for the secured icon in the left of the uniform resource locator.
  • When any browser notifies you that the site is insecure, take measures to prevent the loading of the page.

To sum it all up

Protecting the device from any threats begins with installing impeccable antivirus software. Additionally, performing regular data backups and also disconnecting it from the internet if you are not using the device can prove helpful in case a malware attack is reported. With few measures, you can rightly protect your system from threats.

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