It’s a no wonder why millions of people prefer vaping over smoking. The reasons are obvious and the e-cigarette industry is changing the lives of millions of people. According to the latest research reports, almost more than 8 million people have switched from smoking to vaping. It doesn’t stop here- kids and adults are seriously considering changing their smoking styles and finding solace in vaping.

Well, there are hundreds of good reasons to convince someone why vaping is a way better option than smoking. Here we will check the most powerful and solid reasons that will help anyone prefer vaping over smoking. We hope the information put forward here would come in handy for the public health and make people switch to a safer and better platform. We will also be looking into the reasons why some people support vaping while others want it to be legalized or banned. It will be all clear for the readers to figure out their right option and support the good cause.

Affordable and Wallet-Friendly

A study was conducted where the smokers were compared with vape users. The analyses of their cigarette budget show a huge difference. The traditional smokers pay far more than the vape users and their cigarette consumption cost them a lot. If that amount is added over years, it’s unimaginable. In short, smoking is expensive. While when it comes to vaping, you can enjoy it with a limited pocket-money or budget. You don’t need to spend a lot. Buy the devices and flavors that suit you the best.

A Motivation to Quit Smoking

It’s known to everyone that the majority of vape user was previously using traditional cigarettes. They tried to find other alternatives and experimented with nicotine patches but they were not successful. And people will not accept it but vaping is the best and safest mode to quit smoking. As you a smoker switches to vaping, their need of nicotine starts changing and it’s the right time to reduce it to a level where you find comfortable without having any cigarette for a day. With time, the belief strengthens and a smoker can easily quit smoking.

95% Safer Than Smoking

A traditional smoker compromises on his health. The educated know the harms and so do the poor and laborers but it’s a state of great dilemma that no one bothers to quit smoking. There are a huge number of health harms and dangers one receives after smoking. On the contrary, vaping has been hailed as a safer option. Many studies have concluded that e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than traditional smoking. I personally, there can be no more powerful reason than this. The vape users have an ultimate edge over the smokers and they keep up the good health over the years.

No Smell and Environment-Friendly

One’s evil to himself is not considered a bad thing as long as it affects others. If we talk about smoking, we all know it disturbs people around. You can’t smoke at public places and care of environment is your moral duty. Compare smoking with vaping. It’s better and more environment-friendly than smoking. You can enjoy it in parties, public places and even offices.

The other important factor is the unpleasant smell of smoking. It’s obvious that traditional cigarettes are manufactured from tobacco and they have a specific smell. With vaping, you have a benefit that it will not spoil your mouth smell and will not cause problems for the people around either.

Final Words

We can speak against vaping but can’t deny its charms and benefits. The world is trying to legalize it and every country is making efforts to provide special subsidies to e-liquid manufacturers so that smoking could be discouraged and vaping should be acknowledge as a better, safer and more convenient option. Enter vaping and you will be impressed.