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Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 06:10 pm

When children went back to school after Christmas, who would have thought that all schools would be closed down before the Easter break, with no real idea of when they would reopen again?

Back then, the COVID-19 outbreak was confined to Wuhan in China, and no one really anticipated it turning into the worldwide pandemic that it is now. But such is life, and now with only essential shops and services operating, the question that is on most parents’ minds is when will their kids go back to school?

Parents facing new challenges

With everyone in the UK, apart from essential service workers isolated in their homes, we all face new challenges. For many parents, having their children home with them 24/7 is a difficult and tiring situation.

With the GCSE and A-Level exam cancellations, no one is quite sure what will happen. But time will not stand still, and one way or another, children will go back to school at some point, we just don’t know when.

Not everything is on hold

With the closure of physical shops and increased demand and waiting times for online delivery, it’s a good idea to start preparing for the return to school earlier than usual.

While all conventional shops have had to close their doors to customers, most online shops are still trading. If you are looking to buy pieces of school uniform like secondary school ties, for example, you still can do so online. But what should you look for?

Secondary school ties of any pattern and colour combination

While blazers and trousers are limited in the colour variations available, school ties are quite different. Not only to do they come in a multitude of colours, but there are hundreds of colour combinations and patterns.

It used to be that only local high street shops carried school-specific ties. But now, if you search the web, you will find a number offering a new service. Brand new high school ties and secondary school ties made to order. There’s also a trend towards sustainable production.

Made from environmentally friendly yarn

There is one website that makes secondary school ties from environmentally friendly yarn. Yes, you could always buy recyclable school ties made from polyester yarn. But this comes from crude oil. While recycling them is better than nothing, it still means that some oil will be needed going forward.

The yarn from which these environmentally friendly ties are made originates from recycled plastic bottles. The exciting thing is that using recycled plastic bottles not only means less reliance on extracting fossil fuels; it also avoids having to process fossil fuel derivatives, which is in itself, a toxic business.

These “eco ties” are made here in this country and can be delivered in three to four weeks from date of ordering. They can also be made in any colour, pattern combination. All that is required is either an old tie that can be copied, or a detailed description.

Free samples for approval prior to manufacture

You will get a visual sample which can be revamped as many times as you like until it meets your approval, plus a physical sample to approve before manufacture takes place. You might think that you may have to pay more for this service, but no. Eco-ties cost the same or less than their standard recyclable counterparts.

Changing the way we shop

The current social distancing restrictions have changed our lives as a whole and the way that we shop. But by buying key items like school uniforms ties in advance, we can make sure that we are prepared for when life goes back to normal. And by buying items that are sustainably produced, you’ll be taking a positive step forward not only for your child’s future schooling but for the environment, too.

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