PetRehomer Celebrates 1-Year Anniversary, Finding Homes for 400+ Cats, Dogs, and Rabbits Across the UK

Thanks to PetRehomer, a charity that specialises in finding new homes for pets in need across the UK, 150 dogs and 255 cats have been re-homed in the first year of operation.

The majority of people looking to re-home their pets cite ‘a change of circumstances’ as the main reason, together with the cost-of-living crisis. Some pets need to be re-homed due to landlord permissions; illness; allergies; or death of their owners.

Thanks to this charity, little Biscuit, a cross between a Jack Russell and a Shih Tzu, will be celebrating Christmas in her new home in Guildford, Surrey, with her new owner, Ramona Simmonds. Biscuit’s original owner, living in Crawley, Sussex, was heartbroken to have to re-home her due to housing circumstances. She was able to find and choose Biscuit’s new adopter through the PetRehomer system and pass her little bundle of joy straight to her new owner.

Hobbes, found to be an Egyptian Mau cat, was quickly re-homed by delighted Amanda Graney in Uckfield, East Sussex. Hobbes’ original owner, living in Staines-upon-Thames, in Surrey, realised she really didn’t have adequate time to keep his playful nature entertained. Amanda says “He’s an absolute joy, he’s grown so much and is a total mush pot, who sleeps the whole night spooned against mummy in bed”.

Bella, a two-year-old toy poodle, is also about to move to her new home in time for Christmas. Her adopter is a very lucky person!

An older cat called Bonnie is still desperately seeking a new home, due to her current owners relocating abroad. She’s a white fluffy girl of eight-years-old who loves to spend her nights patrolling outdoors in the Surrey countryside. Poor Bonnie was found as a stray four years ago and has quite an independent nature, but she’s very gentle and loves quiet times with the people she loves.

Lovable Jax is also seeking his forever home. He’s a Devon boy who is well-trained and loves to play on the beach! His current owners confess that he’s a bit clumsy and thinks he’s a cat as they are his best mates! Jax is quite a large dog, being a mix of breeds including Staffy and Boxer, and he needs a diet that suits his allergies to grains. He has another weakness – for chasing squirrels! Sadly, Jax is a victim of the cost-of-living-crisis, he is fed raw food and is quite expensive to keep.

Little Rocky, an older boy in Swindon, Wiltshire, who is thought to be a Parsons Terrier or Jack Russell, is also searching for a new home. Rocky’s owner recently passed away and he is being looked after on a temporary basis. He has quite a few tricks up his sleeve, including opening doors and waiting for treats! He is quite feisty with other dogs that he doesn’t know, but loves people, including children.

PetRehomer has been set up by a group of animal lovers who are committed to ending pet homelessness and irresponsible rehoming practices. It is part of a registered UK charity and is believed to be the only animal charity of its kind. The new service saves animals from needing to enter the care of rescue centres, many of which are completely full. A small fee is paid by the adopter to and this is put towards running costs of the digital platform and contributions to a neutering fund which can be used to help those most in need.

This Christmas, thanks to the charity PetRehomer, 150 dogs and 255 cats have found new homes across the UK. Little Biscuit, Hobbes, Bella, Bonnie, Jax and Rocky are just a few of the animals to benefit from the service, which is proving to be a success. With its commitment to ending pet homelessness and irresponsible rehoming practices, PetRehomer is making a difference in the lives of these animals, and more.

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