3 Examples of how Window Updates can Save you Money

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 02:08 pm

Here’s an excellent reason to upgrade your windows: you’ll save hundreds of dollars on old window repairs. The key to choosing good windows is understanding their ability to lose and gain heat, making them cost-effective. They gain or lose heat through air leakage, direct conduction, and conventional heat transfer through glass, framing, multi-layered glazing, thermal radiation in and out of a house, and solar radiation. These factors ultimately translate into higher maintenance costs. Here’s how an update can save you money:

1. Increases Your ROI Through Greater Energy Efficiency

The Good Men Project says that vinyl windows can offer you up to a 75% return on investment. Vinyl windows have key advantages that make them a good pick in the long run. One of the most notable is energy efficiency. Through superior thermal protection, vinyl windows protect your home from temperature fluctuations.

Consider picking gas-filled windows with low e-coating in the cold season to reduce heat loss. For your home to experience better thermal resistance, choose windows that conduct non-solar heat flow at a low rate. You should also choose windows with a low U-factor. Consider windows with coatings in warmer climates, as they efficiently reduce heat gain.

Modern advances in the design of vinyl windows have seen a reduction in fading, peeling, and cracking. With essential maintenance, your windows will last longer without needing replacement. You also won’t have to paint or stain them, translating into cost savings in the long run.

2. Improves The Value of Your Home for When You Plan to Sell it Later

With the push towards energy-efficient homes, new homeowners must consider updating their windows to raise the market value of their homes. Something worth noting is that installing energy-efficient windows can help you regain as much as 73% of the project cost in added home value. An upgrade of your windows gives your home an edge over the rest. Potential buyers will appreciate an upgrade of the windows as a cost they won’t have to bear. This means your home will likely sell quickly and at a higher price. The energy efficiency benefits that come with this won’t go unnoticed by potential buyers.

3. Lowers Maintenance, Heating, and Cooling Costs

You generally need to care more about your old windows than new ones. The thing with maintaining old windows is that you’re likely to spend hundreds of dollars on repairs. By the time you realize how much it has cost you, you’ll regret why you didn’t upgrade your windows in the first place. According to Attachments Energy Rating Council (AERC), window treatments improve annual heating and cooling costs caused by old windows by 25%. While purchasing window replacements or treatments, visit a reputable company with a record of selling genuine glass and window treatment options. There are fake products out there, so only buy from genuine dealers.

Window Treatment

Window treatment, specifically window tinting, is a growing industry that homeowners can bank on to save energy costs. It also makes their homes more comfortable by limiting the light and heat getting in. Tinting is the application of a thin layer of polyester directly to the glass panes.

Several types of window tinting are suitable for your home. The security window tint enhances the windows, making the glass tougher and thicker so it doesn’t shatter, especially during natural disasters. The tint’s primary function is to make your home or business premises safer.

Enhancing your ROI, increasing your home’s value, and lowering your maintenance, heating, and cooling costs are three great reasons to upgrade your windows. Should you decide to sell your home, a windows upgrade will instantly make it a buyer’s desire, selling it quickly and at a premium price. Nonetheless, update your windows because they’ll make your home energy efficient and protect your furnishings and artwork from harmful UV rays. Besides, the privacy, beauty, and safety of updated windows more than justify your investment.

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