Personal finance expert shares unconventional ways to earn extra money

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 05:53 pm

Personal finance experts have revealed that hard-up Americans could make an extra $30 per session by donating blood plasma, and do a very good deed at the same time. Blood plasma is needed to make medications for people with blood clotting issues, and Americans can donate several times a month. The Wealth of Geeks personal finance blog has unveiled this unusual money-making idea in a special guide of 41 ways to make quick money for those who are feeling the pinch.

Michael Dinich, personal finance expert and founder of Wealth of Geeks, said that while many people think that the only way to make some extra money these days is online, there are lots of ways that people can generate an extra income stream or a bit of quick cash without a phone or a computer.

The blood plasma idea is a little unusual, but according to Dinich, it’s a great way to do a good deed and make some extra cash at the same time. The Wealth of Geeks guide also includes other offline money-making activities, such as washing cars, selling items from home, pet care, setting up a dog walking company, or offering to support an already established dog walking company. The guide points out that all sorts of people need help around the home or office with tasks like putting together or taking apart furniture, clearing garages or gardens, help with shopping or appointments, or mowing lawns.

Dinich added that there are so many people out there who need this sort of help, and all people have to do is get their name out there and start working. The guide offers tips on how people can get started and potentially escalate their side hustles into something bigger. Dinich loves the guide because there is something for everyone. If people are willing to work hard and get creative, there are many options to get some extra cash in the pocket.

Wealth of Geeks has listed a range of options for those looking to make extra money, from filling out online surveys to driving for Uber or even flipping cars. The blog is designed to make personal finance fun and offers a range of tips and advice on potential side hustles, managing money, and fun stuff around travel, food, and favourite TV programs and movies.

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