Orizon: the digital applications performance office for large IT systems of the word

Last Updated on: 21st November 2023, 10:52 pm

  • Orizon’s biggest success case in Spain is CAIXABANK with an IT cost reduction and acceleration of their total BATCH processes of 11% per year.
  • Orizon distributes their own technology thru INDRA for all Latin America, mainly for Banking, Assurance and Retail markets.
  • The company is in the process of expansion, opened at the end of 2017 a subsidiary at Silicon Valley USA and will double its staff throughout 2018.

From their headquarters in Alicante SPAIN, a group of engineers created a disruptive proposal to control the performance of business applications of large companies, based on their own technology called BOA. Through non-invasive agile methodologies, BOA implements artificial intelligence algorithms to detect the cases that most impact on the performance of applications. With their own database of performance use cases they carry out technical impact designs, which through small changes in the lines of code save 40% of the processing time or CPU consumption on average, gaining much needed capacity in the new growing digital landscape.

This work is performed in large machines such as IBM Mainframe, Oracle Exadata, Cloud platforms or large distributed systems with thousands of cores. “The cost of large IT infrastructures is calculated as ‘The electricity bill’ the more you consume, the more the necessary capacity increases and with it, the price to pay. On the other hand, in poorly optimized systems the quality of service goes down and it makes customers unable to carry out their operations.” we were quoted by Ángel Pineda, the CEO of Orizon.

His reference client in Spain is CAIXABANK, internationally recognized for being a model in the field of continuous innovation, as a result of which it has won numerous international awards and recognitions such as: ‘Model Bank 2017’ for the best digital transformation by the US consultancy Celent.

Internationally, the spanish technology company INDRA is distributing the Orizon product to all Latin America, where it contributes its marketing network and assumes the necessary technological developments to integrate the solution in the different clients and markets.

Expansion Plan

The main adventure in the opening of new markets has taken Orizon to the heart of the tech world, Silicon Valley in San Francisco USA. There they have opened since 2017: www.SpeedAble.io. For the American market its main message it’s ‘Speed ​​is Everything!’ because in the cradle of technology the speed of applications is the difference between success and failure in today’s digital businesses.

The market’s interest in Orizon’s service has led them to prepare a business plan, where they expect to double their workforce and open business subsidiaries in the main places in Latin America. Europe is the next frontier, where sources from the company assure us that they have already established conversations with a European technology leader in order to export the solution to both Europe and Asia. “Our maxim is to transmit our customers that Orizon with our technology we provide savings in production with a guaranteed result, they do not buy consulting hours, or buy tools to give more work to their internal teams.” Víctor Ferrer CMO of Orizon.

DevPerOps, the new application performance paradigm

Large companies have thousands of business applications and it is very difficult to obtain the necessary visibility, as well as to relate them to a business objective. For this it is necessary to implement an ‘AI for IT Operations’ strategy with which to inventory the critical input sources, as well as select a number of key applications to be controlled in real time.

The new philosophy of collaboration between technological teams DevOps already has a version in the world of cybersecurity: DevSecOps. In the application performance world, continuous development is spoken of as a development that does not stop along with continuous operations with deployment and monitoring, but in large companies there is a lack of an agile continuous performance strategy that meets the requirements and objectives of the business departments translating: CPU consumptions and operations processing times in code, engineering or BBDD modifications so that development can plan a new version. This supposes an evolution on the classic data analytics, transforming those AIops metrics into value that goes to the improvement of the digital business: “Nowadays data flow from all parts of the business, they are getting bigger and more complex, the extraction and the process of data with a business objective is a growth engine.” Jesús Fernández COO of Orizon.

The Digital Performance Office

Orizon operates in 2 modalities to integrate each of the characteristics of every installation: Taskforce and Performance Office. The first one is a quick way to save consumption, reduce response times or window of planned processes, it would be the equivalent of ‘dieting for a certain time’; the second one attends continuously to the systems with a surveillance that prevents that the new releases of the applications or the sudden increases of consumption ruin the capacity planning, what means ‘learning to eat well and lead a healthy digital life’.

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