Onyx Launch Academy To Help Remote Learners

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 07:32 pm

The world has changed dramatically since the covid-19 pandemic spread across the globe.

One key sector which must continue is education, but like all other areas, there has to be changes in how it is delivered. That’s why ‘remote learning’ has become a key term over the past number of months.

Education from the home is a new way of learning for many students, so there has to be a bedding period where pupils who are struggling are given extra help.

EdTech startup, Onyx Global knows this, hence why they have launched The Onyx Learner Academy. It is a digital educational system which allows for users to improve their ability to learn in any field.

Christopher Kelly, Founder and CEO of Onyx Global, is hopeful that their product will help create a revolution in how global online education is viewed and that it will help thousands of students.

He said: “I built Onyx Learner Academy during this semester as a side project for my university students because I know most students have not been prepared to learn online successfully, and they need help. They told me that they understood for the first time why they should learn for themselves, not only for grades or others.

“From kindergarten to postgrad, I was never offered a class that taught me how to be an effective learner. OLA provided this learning experience for my students during the hottest parts of the 2020 lockdowns, and now we are making it available to the world.”

The program includes videos, guidebooks, course information and interactive modules which can help students improve their capabilities within the classroom.

At $100, The Onyx Learner Academy is considered one of the more affordable tools in this area.

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