Veterinary technology company, Vet-AI, has launched a continuous online service to provide remote consultations to UK pet owners 24 hours a day, seven days a week via its remote veterinary care app, Joii.

The start-up business has built a team of 35 experienced UK-based veterinary professionals, to ensure pet owners are able to get access veterinary care/advice from the comfort of their own homes, anytime of day. 

The Joii app enables pet owners to speak with a vet nurse for free, use a free symptom checker or connect with a vet surgeon for just £20. The firm will not be charging customers any more for its out of hours service.

The out of hours service will be delivered by eight UK trained vets in Australia and overseas, to ensure the veterinary professionals continue to enjoy a healthy work-life balance with no interruptions from nighttime working. 

Paul Hallett, co-founder of Vet-AI, said: 

“We understand it is a difficult time for everyone right now and we want to do whatever we can to support people through it. People and their pets have always been the key driving force behind our business, and we are now here for them 24/7. We can support pet owners from the comfort of their own home and we’re just a few clicks away.”

Joii has experienced a substantial increase in users of its app with fast approaching 30,000 people downloading/using the app in the past two months. The service has trended at no 1 within the medical category in both Google Play and Apple store.

Vet AI was co-founded in 2017 by marketing and entrepreneur Paul Hallett, and renowned veterinary surgeons Robert Dawson and Sarah Warren. 

Vet-AI aims to both improve the lives of animals by increasing access to affordable vet care, and the lives of vets who are leaving the industry due to the high pressures and stress of clinic life.  

 Joii is free to download on Android and iOS and offers a free symptom checker – built by a team of vets and globally renowned Animal Health companies. Free video calls with vet nurses and video calls with vet surgeons are £20. Should the animal be referred to a clinic, the £20 fee is refunded.