DUALIS GmbH IT Solution and iTAC Software AG have joined forces

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 05:43 am

Manufacturing companies DUALIS GmbH IT Solution and iTAC Software AG have joined forces to develop a holistic digitalization approach for greater efficiency, flexibility and quality in manufacturing. This closed-loop approach draws on DUALIS’s 3D simulation platform Visual Components and GANTTPLAN advanced planning and scheduling system (APS), as well as iTAC Software AG’s iTAC.MOM.Suite manufacturing operations management system, to create a digital twin of the entire production and simulate material and process flows.

The digital twin allows users to test systems, components and processes before they are used in practice, run through “what-if” scenarios and minimize errors. The data from the simulation is then transferred to the APS, which carries out planning across departments and takes the entire value chain into account. This is then sent to the MOM, creating an interface between production and IT systems. This enables real-time monitoring of production processes and helps the APS precisely calculate the future.

Finally, the real data from the APS and MOM are sent back to the simulation for continuous optimization of the process flows. This ensures that changes in key figures and throughputs can be viewed and evaluated.

Commenting on the project, Alina Leber, from iTAC Software AG said: “We are proud to have collaborated with DUALIS GmbH IT Solution to develop this innovative digitalization approach. Our combined solution can help manufacturing companies gain greater control over their production processes, save time and money, and minimize costs and risks.”

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