Oceaya: Unveiling the World’s Premier Transformable Entertainment Venue on Water

Last Updated on: 12th March 2024, 08:29 am

Welcome to Oceaya, the pioneering modular floating venue focused on eco-friendliness and authentic engagements. Scheduled for its debut in 2025, Oceaya is set to voyage to the most picturesque locations globally during their peak seasons.

Oceaya redefines the concept of a versatile entertainment space, engineered to accommodate the varied preferences of its patrons. It boasts a unique capability to reconfigure into several layouts, including but not limited to a nightclub, dining area, cinema, and catwalk. Whether hosting electrifying evenings with renowned DJs, exclusive fashion shows, or personalised weddings, Oceaya is versatile enough for any event.

Daniels Ikajevs, the innovator behind Oceaya, articulated, “Oceaya is a testament to the limitless possibilities of design and entertainment. We are thrilled to introduce Oceaya to the world and look forward to inviting everyone to embark on a journey of unforgettable experiences, where the boundaries between leisure, art, and entertainment merge.”

Oceaya’s boundless design and functionality owe to its scalability, capable of expanding from 370 square metres to over 1,115 square metres. Birthed by the combined genius of Waterstudio.NL’s renowned architects, MEYER Floating Solutions’ leading engineers, and Prospect Design International’s acclaimed designers, Oceaya’s state-of-the-art architecture is fused with a natural and soothing interior design, challenging the traditional constraints of real estate.

Oceaya pledges to aid the health and resilience of our planet through the use of environmentally friendly materials and sustainable operational methods. The team behind Oceaya is committed to supporting scientific research on the marine ecosystems in its operational regions, providing researchers with access to its facilities and funding for research projects aimed at combating climate change, mitigating sea level rise, exploring aquatic environments, and preserving marine life.

“The idea of Oceaya was driven by passion for innovation. In every project that my teams are involved in, we push the design and technical boundaries to create concepts the world has never seen; we are already envisioning the next venue, which will provide a new, different, unimaginable, and immersive experience. Expect to see us buzzing across Europe, the Middle East, the Americas, and Asia,” said Ikajevs. Oceaya is destined to become a pivotal choice for event planners, world travellers, and those in search of unique and memorable experiences.

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