3 Reasons for Writing an Anonymous Blog

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 10:35 am

Have you got interested in blogging, and you are thinking of running a blog anonymously? Then, it is entirely feasible in 2020. This is a great way to keep your life private while writing freely for the world. You must use a pseudonym name and private protection domain to start a blog. Here I’ve mentioned three major reasons for anonymous blogging:

#1: Liberty of Online Anonymity

Personal freedom or liberty is one of the key advantages of publishing a post without revealing the author’s name. In your daily life, you may experience a lot of things that you secretly desire to share with other people, but you feel vulnerable due to public reactions or judgments. You have to internally battle a number of restrictions.

For instance, your family life or work can bound you to discuss non-traditional/controversial topics. In the modern era, you don’t have to fear from online forums when you can freely and anonymously post blogs. A blogger is allowed to cover different subjects that interest him without having any fear of reprisal.

#2: Escape from Negative Consequences

As mentioned earlier, anonymous blogging helps you talk about taboo subjects, cover controversial content, and discuss extremely sensitive stories. This helps you openly share your ideas or views without identifying your personal information. You don’t need to be afraid of real-world consequences, adverse reactions, and hostile public verdicts that can arise for your blog post.

You must prefer an anonymous persona to protect yourself from external danger, such as harassment, online bullying, and blackmailing. Anonymous blogging allows you to create an air of mystery with your online posts.

#3: You Can Start Fresh

Writing an anonymous blog is well-suited for individuals who are anti-social, shy, or unsure. They secretly desire to share words but are unwilling to risk their true identity. Anonymously blogging allows you to use fake identity and develop a new character to write posts without any external and internal pressures. Due to anonymous blogging, you can save yourself from real-life connections and be the type of social you want.

You can conveniently start fresh by establishing a new character for yourself. For instance, if you are an automatic engineer, but have a massive interest in entrepreneurial subjects, then you can write an anonymous blog to share valuable knowledge with your audience without sabotaging your professional career.

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