The Industrial Emissions Directive

100’s Of Uk Industrial Facilities Risk Going Under Due To New Airborne Regulations

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 01:26 pm

Coronavirus is ripping through the heart of the economy with reckless abandon, and UK industrial facilities are one key sector that’s under serious threat. But here is a rare case where the problem does not lie with the virus. Instead it stems from new EU emission regulations that are set to come into force, and it all centres on air pollution.

Yes there are other things that negatively impact the world which haven’t gone away, despite the vast majority of our attention understandably being caught up with COVID-19. WHO estimates that air pollution kills huge numbers – over 7 million each year. How’s that for a perspective check?

To make more people aware of the damage air pollution causes, Lodge Cottrell, the world’s oldest industrial air pollution control company, and now part of KC GreenHoldings, is hosting a free webinar on April 30th to give businesses the help they need to reduce the amount of emissions they pump into the atmosphere. 

And whether firms want to or not – the government is ensuring they have little choice. EU policymakers are implementing strict new regulations to reduce the amount of pollutants in our air. The Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) is setting lower limits for some of the most harmful and damaging chemicals such as dust particulates, nitrogen oxides and sulphur oxides. 

The trouble is, so many firms aren’t ready for the new changes about to come into effect. There are well north of 1000 UK industrial facilities, yet few of them have made steps to comply with the new regulations. From power plants to mines and mineral processing facilities to chemical plants – there are a vast number of facilities that need to make changes fast. 

Many of these businesses don’t even know how they need to modify their operations, let alone the cost needed to do it or the effect it will have on their production.

But Lodge Cottrell know all too well what is about to come their way. They’ve a wealth of experience in this field from their long list of clients across a wide range of industries. In the last century they’ve been operational, they’ve provided effective air pollution systems to countless corporations and businesses across the whole world. Almost every single one of these companies needs a bespoke solution, which Lodge Cottrell says they can provide. 

Yes, businesses need to get future-proofed when it comes to air pollution, and fast. As Maurice Bottomley, Business Development Manager at Lodge Cottrell says:

“It is obvious that many businesses are just not prepared for the changes in regulations and have no idea if and how they need to modify their plants to continue operating.”

For those businesses that recognise the new regulations may require significant changes for the way they work, Lodge Cottrell is recommending they join their series of webinars: ‘Meeting Airborne Emission Requirements Whilst Maintaining Productivity.’ It begins at 10am on Thursday 30th April.


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