A car expert has shed light on how drivers who have fallen victim to number plate clone scams are finding solace in personalised number plates to counteract the fraudulent activities. Criminals often target vehicles of the same make and model as their own (often stolen) cars and proceed to clone the number plates. This devious tactic allows them to avoid suspicion during initial checks by officials, as the number plates match those of legitimate vehicles.

However, this can lead to innocent motorists receiving fines or charges for offenses committed by someone else using the cloned number plates on a similar vehicle. The DVLA warns that if drivers are contacted regarding fines or charges for actions they did not commit, it might indicate that their vehicle has been cloned. Cloning involves duplicating the identity of a non-stolen vehicle already on the road. Criminals meticulously find an identical make, model, and color of the stolen car and affix the same registration number to their pilfered vehicle to create the illusion of legality.

Jon Kirkbright, the sales director at Reghunters.co.uk, approximates that about 20% of customers seeking inexpensive number plates have turned to the company after their license plates were cloned. Reghunters.co.uk prides itself on being the UK’s most affordable number plate retailer, offering plates starting from as little as £25 plus VAT and an £80 DVLA transfer fee.

Jon states, “Customers often find it easier to purchase a cheap number plate from us, and they can be using the new plate within hours of purchase. Our experienced staff can take care of all the registration transfer paperwork with the DVLA as long as the customer can provide their V5 certificate. From here, we are able to transfer the new private registration plate onto the chosen vehicle, and the customer will no longer be affected by their original cloned registration.”

It’s unfortunate that legitimate customers are the victims of crime, and they are forced to bear the cost of the solution themselves. Jon acknowledges this unfair situation, saying, “It’s unfair really, it shouldn’t be on the customer to resolve the issue as they have been victims of a crime. However, for many, they find it much better value to purchase a new number plate and put an end to the issue instead of spending hours on the phone and completing paperwork trying to convince the relevant authorities that the fine or charges were wrongly sent to them.”

To mitigate the recurring problem caused by the criminals’ use of their cloned number plates, legitimate customers opt to change their registration plates, thus avoiding further issues. Reghunters.co.uk boasts an extensive database of private number plates, with over 63 million plates for sale. Their efficient website allows customers to easily search for their desired number plate combinations, with transparent pricing and no hidden fees.

For those seeking the best deals and most affordable plates, Reghunters.co.uk provides an ideal platform. Jon and his team go a step further by offering a free valuation service to customers who already own private plates, receiving around 250 requests daily.

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