When people wax lyrical about the ins and outs of their favorite products and claim to have expert knowledge on them, they might prove this by pointing out things like craftsmanship or the business’s way of marketing their brand. In actual fact though, they may not know anywhere near as much as they think they do about a product, at least not when you compare to the amount of info that PaperTale is promising to give you.

Created in Sweden, PaperTale is one of the latest cutting edge platforms to be built on the blockchain, and it’s set to give ethically conscious consumers all the pertinent information about products that will guide them in their purchases.

Their platform pairs up with your smartphone, through which you can scan products and reveal detailed information about them that goes beyond anything that’s been seen before.


You’ll be able to do things such as access verifiable information about a product’s supply chain, so you can discover the steps a company takes and find out just how kind they are to the environment.

You’ll be able to look up information about what workers were paid to make the product, so you can check that their employer paid them a fair, living wage in their country.

You’ll even be able to send tips directly to workers if you’re really happy with the product they’ve had a hand in making for you.


All this is made possible through PaperTale’s operations on the blockchain, with every piece of information being verifiable every step the way, so you can be assured the information is accurate and hasn’t been falsified in any way. The same applies when you send tips to workers. You’ll be able to verify that it goes to the people who you intended it for.

PaperTale has been in development for the last two years, and is finally ready to make its mark on Kickstarter, where it will begin crowdsourcing funds from November 13th. They already have a working proof of concept with a textile company based in Pakistan, where all of their clothing is manufactured using this new technology, and the broad scope of businesses that can take advantage of this tech mean the possibilities are almost endless.

If you decide to be one of their early backers on Kickstarter, you’ll also be the first to get access to new products made using their platform before anyone else. Plus you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that when you buy a product, all the information is there in front of you so you can make an informed choice that fits in with your principles.

If you want to do your bit for the environment, and help workers achieve wages and living standards they deserve wherever they may be, this PaperTale could be just the platform you’ve been looking for.