There is now a solution for business owners who are hoping to keep track of their delivery vehicles in real-time.

This solution comes from Rewire Security, a company who has made a name for themselves in the world of GPS Tracking Systems.

Their new GPS & Telematics software, GPSLive allows users to view the location of fleet vehicles in real-time and offers a host of other information as well.

It also helps entrepreneurs and fleet managers to keep track of fleet driver’s behaviour, route history and it also gives them vehicle service reminders.

Ekim Saribardak is the chief technology officer at Rewire Security and he points towards advancements in technology and software development as key elements to their latest offering.

He said: “The world has been cowering at home in 2020 because of the pandemic, but the companies that deliver our food and water have been working tirelessly. This year, we put in hundreds of hours of research and development to deliver products that will make the lives of our customers easier, allowing them to keep an eye on their fleet vehicles and drivers by using GPSLive software and APP.”

Rewire security, whose customers include the likes of Pepsico, TEC, Pendragon and H.R Owen, has been working in the UK since 2012. They describe themselves as a company that “provides web-based analytics to help small and medium businesses as well as large enterprises to manage their drivers and fleets better.”

There’s little doubt that their latest offering does that and that’s a point that is echoed by Ilir Bakiji, their chief operations officer.

He said: “Not only our new software provides real-time location of vehicles, but it also answers the most critical questions in the minds of business owners and fleet managers.”

Bakiji went on to list the questions that will be answered with this software, adding that fleet managers will finally know the amount drivers complying with the national speed limits during fleet operation, how many hours fleet drivers are driving per day and whether or not the drivers are idling excessively during deliveries.