Ajab Samrai Explains the Purpose of Marketing

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 11:08 am

Marketing is an essential tool for any business selling a product or service. Without marketing, potential customers may not be aware of the product or service available, which will result in far fewer sales. Marketing involves promoting a business and generating brand awareness, which leads to brand loyalty and repeat custom. While advertising and sales are closely related to marketing, they are essentially different. Ajab Samrai is an experienced designer of effective advertising campaigns, which form an important part of successful marketing strategies.

Modern Marketing

Modern marketing is a completely different arena to traditional marketing. The advent of television, followed by the internet, and in particular social media, has altered the landscape irrevocably for marketing. Traditional print media may still form part of a marketing campaign, but increasingly online channels are the most vital for getting people interested in and engaged with any form of product or service.

Search Engine Optimisation

A large part of any contemporary marketing campaign has to be search engine optimisation. This is a process used by marketers to help ensure the company, brand, product or service is featured highly in search results online. One study found that as many as 89% of all purchases start with an online search, even if the product is not purchased online. It is therefore essential for any successful business to feature at the top of search results for its products or services if it is to attract new leads and draw in customers.

Context Marketing

With so much information available online, marketers must ensure they are delivering something useful and worthwhile to their customers. This is done through content marketing: generating fresh, original and engaging content that serves a purpose for the user.

Context marketing takes this one stage further and adds a personal element to content that appeals to the individual or business is it aimed at. There are multiple online tools available today that allow companies to gather data on their customer database and on potential customers who meet the specifications of their target demographic.

Armed with this data, businesses can contextualise their content to provide targeted, relevant, tailored marketing that appeals directly to the people it is aimed at.

Clear Directions to Respond

Most of the best marketing campaigns are those that provide the customer with clear directions to respond. People are generally good at following clear instructions; marketing campaigns that take advantage of this natural tendency to obey find they generate more click-throughs than those that simply advertise a product.

A great marketing campaign generates a sense of urgency in the consumer, making them feel like this is a product or service they must have right now. It then provides concise directions, walking them through the steps they need to take to make the purchase.

Tracking and Measuring

Effective marketing campaigns spring from effective tracking and measuring; monitoring the results of each campaign helps to guide the direction of subsequent campaigns. Quantifying the monetary success of each marketing campaign and being accountable for the results helps to drive better marketing and ultimately increase company profits.

Marketing is essentially the umbrella term for the entire process of getting people interested in what a company has to offer. Effective marketing requires a thorough understanding of the needs of the customer and how the business and its products are able to best meet those needs.

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