A new app is changing how security works.

Gunnebo, the world’s leading specialist in entrance gates and turnstiles, has launched a new app that is changing how office security works.

The app, entitled EntraLing, allows a team to monitor a building remotely, notifies its users of the system’s operation status and impressively, can learn of fraud patterns via visual statistical reports.

The app uses the in-house intelligence and connectivity of Gunnebo gates and offers its users a never-seen-before level of security for their buildings.

Henrik Lång, Product Manager for Entraling, discussed the importance of this product. He said: “This is a game changer for the market. Our gates have become more and more intelligent and connected; it is now time to harness the potential of the data they generate into intuitively designed applications that support our customers’ processes”.

This was a sentiment echoed by Raphael Roy, VP Business Development, Product Management & Marketing, who added: “Our goal is to quickly address various market segments with the tailored help of decision-making apps that address the main challenges of controlling access in various environments. While being a first for the industry, EntraLinq is only the beginning”.

EntraLinq has been available since the start of May.