New Research Shows 69% of American Pet Owners are “Nose Blind”

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 02:15 pm

A new study commissioned by Sunstar QAIS has revealed that 69% of American pet parents may be “nose blind” when it comes to the true smell of their pet. The nationwide poll of 2,000 pet owners also found that 66% agreed they could be “nose blind” to pet smell in their home, while 79% admitted their house has a pet smell. Furthermore, 47% of pet owners have been told their house or apartment smells of their pet’s pee pad or litter box.

When it comes to feeling embarrassed about the smell, 44% of pet owners admitted they were embarrassed to be told their pet smells, while 34% felt personally insulted or hurt. Additionally, 28% of cat and 24% of dog owners confessed they don’t change or clean out their pets as often as they should.

Commenting on the findings, Takuya Watanabe, spokesperson for Sunstar QAIS, said: “On average our research revealed that litter boxes or pee pads are changed once every five days, while 3% are only changed every two weeks or more. Also, 30% of pet owners spend less than 30 minutes a week cleaning up their pet poop or pee, but a dedicated 5% spend five hours a week. For those suffering their pet’s smell, a simple solution like the air purifier, QAIS-air- 04, would help eliminate pet odors from above the pee pads or cat litter box before they spread, and it is a perfect solution for those with less time as it is filterless and especially designed with pets safety and comfort in mind”.

Sunstar, a multinational company headquartered in Switzerland, is marking its 90th anniversary in 2022. Its products and services are distributed in more than 100 countries, and the company has 4000+ employees worldwide. QAIS is an air quality brand from Sunstar that prioritises pet safety, security, and comfort.

To mark Black Friday and Cyber Monday, QAIS is offering discounts from November 15th to 27th.

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