“Can a real estate website work off just donations? How about if the recommended donation is $0?”

Sheldon Kryger is a developer who is going to answer those questions, with his new free access, map based, real estate portal.

It is called Kreegur.com and it is inspired by the life of a man called George Müller. Müller is known for caring for thousands of orphans in Bristol, without ever asking for a single donation.

Mr Kryger, who took his inspiration from this admirable feat, has set up a less than ambitious GoFundMe goal of a single Canadian dollar.

His site is powered by Microsoft Azure and is available for public access right now, offering early adopters of its services added benefits, such as appearing more prominently in searches than those who hop on the bandwagon later on.

Kreegur.com lacks some of the features of the more established ‘pay-to-use’ real estate sites, but it does have basic functionality, which allows users to search and post ads as they please.

The site’s ‘about’ page details Kryger’s aims and future plans, stating: “Inspired by George Müller, this site is powered by donations. But, the recommended donation will always be 0 and no users will ever be prompted or asked to make a donation.”