London is a city full of mystery and intrigue and one that is made truly interesting by the millions of varied people who call it home.

Now there is a brilliant podcast which exposes the lives and stories of some of the city’s most brilliant, baffling and bizarre tenants.

It’s called ‘Your London Legacy’ and it is the brainchild of Steve Lazarus, a native of the city, who has lived and worked there all of his life.

On Your London Legacy, you get an unguarded insight into the world and lives of some of the most fascinating folks within the city.

For instance, the first two episodes of the podcast were as varied as the city itself; they featured a mud-lark (a person who trawls rivers for lost history) and a best-selling author.

Lazarus has set an ethos for Your London Legacy. His goal is to tell “the timeless stories of London’s personalities” and a quick listen to this exciting podcast’s first few episodes would suggest that he is doing a fine job.

It’s an avenue for all of Londoners to tell their unique story; from artists, poets and authors, to musicians, charity workers, mud-larkers and tattooists.

Each episode sees Steve interviewing a London personality on their own patch, in an informal, conversational, yet probing style.

As an interviewer, Steve brilliantly brings out the stories that a harsher approach may not tease out; having worked as an insurance loss adjuster for nearly 30 years, he is clearly adept at seeking the truth.

His interview style brings out stories, which are sometimes uncomfortable, occasionally disturbing or painful, but always fascinating and insightful.

At the moment, the episodes are being released on a bi-monthly basis, but this is set to increase to one-per-week in the near future. Each episode lasts around an hour, so they’re ideal for the work commute.

Although this is primarily a podcast about Londoners, you don’t have to be based in the city to enjoy it – you just have to be interested in the  lives of its wonderful dwellers.