New Landmark Study Finds Only 10% of Black Brits Feel ‘Definitely Proud’ to be British

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 06:30 pm

A new landmark study has revealed a severe lack of progress in most sectors of society for Black Britons.

The Black British Voices Research project, a collaboration between the University of Cambridge, the Voice newspaper, and I-Cubed, surveyed over 10,000 Black Brits across sixteen topics including Britishness, Education, Criminal Justice system, Media and the Arts, Health, Mental Health, Business, Politics, Faith, Sports, LGBTQ+, and Disabilities.

Findings demonstrate the deep-rooted impact of systemic racism on Black British communities and its psychological impact on issues of identity and belonging.

The study found that only 12% of Black Brits were ‘definitely proud’ to be British, while 49% were ‘definitely’ or ‘somewhat’ proud. Over a third of young Black Brits (39%) did not regard Britain as their ‘permanent’ home, and 98% said they have had to compromise who they are or how they express themselves to fit in the workplace.

Lester Holloway, Editor of The Voice Newspaper, said: “This study should be a wake-up call for Britain. We have many fourth-generation Black Brits and, as a community, we should be feeling part of this country. Yet the lived experience of racism in every area of life is leading many to not feel British. We cannot keep ignoring racial disparities and its impact. There needs to be a national conversation about this, and we need race back on the political agenda, so we can tackle the causes of this disconnect between Black Brits and the only country they know.”

Dr Kenny Monrose, the lead researcher on this project at Cambridge University, added: “We are mindful that historically black communities have been wary of reports conducted on race, as they attempt to limit or invalidate the reality of their lived experiences. However, the carpet of data captured within this report reliably highlights the chronic level of racial disparities and unequal outcomes that they face on a daily basis.”

The 104-page report will be officially launched at the House of Commons at 11:30am on Thursday 28 September.

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