A new survey commissioned by the Bertelsmann Stiftung has revealed that the mood on the German apprenticeship market has significantly improved, with 72% of young people seeing their chances as good to very good. However, those with low school qualifications are less optimistic, with 26% rating their chances as poor to rather poor.

Clemens Wieland, Bertelsmann Stiftung expert for professional training, commented: “Linking up young people with companies must be done much better. Especially those young people who experience difficulty in finding an apprenticeship vacancy need individual and constant guidance.”

The survey of 1,694 young people aged 14-25 also found that only a little over half of those surveyed see the number of apprenticeships available as adequate. Additionally, 55% said they have difficulty finding their way through the information thicket when it comes to selecting the right occupation.

Wieland also noted that the apprenticeship guarantee passed this year by the German government is an “important signal”, but that it is still far behind the Austrian model it is based on.

He concluded: “Looking at the core idea of the apprenticeship guarantee – offering young people whose applications have been turned down a guaranteed apprenticeship option – the law is still far behind the Austrian model that served as a role model.”