Rishi Sunak’s U-turn on Carpooling Fails to Discourage 80% Increase in Lift-Sharing

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 06:16 pm

Today marks the end of National Liftshare Week, a week that was spearheaded by the UK & Ireland’s largest car-sharing platform, Liftshare. The week, that ran from 18-24 September, saw an 80% increase in liftsharers and a 60% increase in journeys added to the Liftshare platform.

This is in addition to the already record-breaking year that Liftshare is experiencing. 23,000 people have joined the platform across July and August, which is double the same period last year. In fact, in the first nine months of 2023, the same number of people joined Liftshare as in the whole of 2022.

This boost is partly thanks to Liftshare teaming up with Esso on their Thoughtful Driving campaign, encouraging people to take one less journey. As part of the initiative, Esso is helping to increase Liftshare’s exposure to get more people sharing.

Julie Furnell, Managing Director of Mobilityways, commented: “We are celebrating our silver jubilee year, saving 1 billion miles from UK roads and our best ever summer for new Liftshare members, all without mandatory policies from the Government.”

Amy Young, Liftshare’s Community Manager, added: “People use Liftshare for multiple reasons – to have company on their journey and do their bit for the environment. Drivers want to split the cost of fuel, plus many enjoy helping others get from A to B more affordably and conveniently. For those who don’t drive, it can be the case that public transport is too expensive or not feasible where they live.”

Despite the prime minister’s rollback of net zero pledges, National Liftshare Week has seen a significant increase in liftsharers across the UK and Ireland. The week was backed by promotional activity from Liftshare, its Mobilityways group clients and local community groups involved in liftsharing.

This marks a record-breaking year for the number of people liftsharing, with Liftshare’s journey-matching service free of charge to members of the public. Liftshare is continuing to work with Esso on their Thoughtful Driving campaign to get more people sharing rides and reducing the number of vehicles on the roads.

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