The energy sector has received a boost with a new tool for managing asset visualisation data.
The tool is coming from MODS and is entitled MODS Reality™ 2.0.
A statement detailed that “this software can significantly increase ROI for our customers utilizing their imagery data, therefore mitigating safety and financial risk during fabrication, engineering, construction, and maintenance tasks.” Improved safety, increased transparency between operators, and error elimination are among the benefits cited for this tool.

Jon Bell CEO at MODS Management Ltd discussed this exciting new tool.

He said: “This solution empowers Owner Operators, Contractors, Surveyors, Engineering, Fabrication, Maintenance and Construction departments through immersive 360-degree site visits from anywhere in the world.”

Matthew Bell, Director of EMEA Operations, was the lead in delivering this project.

He added: “There are so many avoidable costs when talking of wasted manhours, delays, slow paper-based processes, which can soon add up into the millions when projects lack visualization, transparency, are paper-based and labor intensive.

“MODS Reality offers a Project visualization solution which can deliver real value on your project and help realize the budget-saving changes vital to sustaining economic viability.”