Marc Aurel Consulting Announces MIND MASTERY System

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 02:38 am

Marc Aurel Consulting is Europe’s #1 Business Psychology Company and has been storming the coaching world since 2019. Specializing in changing business owners’ lives for the better, thus increasing their business success, improving their family lives and ensuring a better business world for future generations.
With their proven Mind Mastery system, Marc Aurel Consulting has this year alone helped over 1784+ business owners to eliminate overthinking, worrying, limiting beliefs, insecurities, and stress, in order to use their mental capacity where it’s needed rather than on unnecessary emotions or thoughts.

Now, Marc Aurel Consulting is offering a free 60-minute Mind Mastery Analysis’ for Business Owners who feel on the verge of burnout, mental stress, and business failure, in order to regain clarity, structure, and strong business leadership attributes.
This analysis is available for everyone directly via the company’s website, where Marc and his executive coaches analyze a person’s strengths, weaknesses, needs and goals, to create a customized plan of action which can be implemented right away. They also offer long-term mentorship, particularly to CEOs and those in top-level management, although it is available to anyone whom Marc and his expert team feel they are able to help reach their personal excellence.

The company has taken personal mentorship to a next level of support and personalized guidance with their driven, focused and goal-orientated attitude, and strong values of creating a better future. CEO, Marc Aurel, was quoted saying, ‘We want to create a generation of high achieving, high performing future leaders and businesses with a strong game plan to thrive within their fields. We want to revolutionize the coaching & consulting industry by offering better support and more guidance than any other service”.

They are able to accomplish groundbreaking results through 24/7 on-the go-access to content that their students can view and implement whenever needed. Plus support via their newly developed and unique coaching app and website platforms available on all PCs, laptops, phones, and tablets. This unique app is set up in a way that you have everything you need right at your fingertips, plus communicate directly to Marc and his expert team whenever you need to.

They achieve this with their tried and tested approach, offering content on a multitude of topics covering personal high performance including time management, structure and discipline, psychology and inner-healing, business management and leadership, communication and confidence building, and even skills such as sales to use within business. Combined with a 1-1 approach with Marc himself, and his team of knowledgeable and experienced mentors, they work with each client personally to base their service on the exact needs of the individual and provide the maximum possible results.

About Marc Aurel Consulting: Marc Aurel Consulting is a coaching and investment company based in Paphos, Cyprus. Founded in 2019, Marc Aurel has helped thousands of business owners, CEOs and top-level leaders to maximize potential and scale their businesses. Marc Aurel’s newest course, Mind Mastery, has been featured in CBS, Forbes, NBC, and other renowned news sources. It has been described as a “groundbreaking combination of techniques that will revolutionize business leadership worldwide”.

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