London Move Could Change Chatbots Forever

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 01:47 am

A start-up artificial intelligence company is aiming to revolutionise the world of customer service chatbots.

Over the past number of years, the inefficiency of chatbots has been a common annoyance for anyone engaging with customer service departments. INTNT.AI is trying to solve this issue with INTNT.ENGINE, their chatbot and voice-bot training platform, and this week they announced the opening of their new European headquarters in London, where they will support the growth of this product.

Manuel Ho, CEO of INTNT.AI, explained how their training platform is tackling the general conception of the public and the importance of the UK move. He said: “Most of us have a negative impression of the usefulness of chatbots and voicebots, principally because they generally aren’t well trained… our new European headquarters provides a centre of excellence to the region. It brings this important region access to the latest innovations coming from our Asian R&D.”

The two most common issues when it comes to chatbots are false positives, where the bot thinks it knows what the issue is but is wrong, and missed intents, where the bot struggles to grasp what the human is asking.

Mr Ho added that their training platform attempts to solve these key issues. He added: “Our INTNT.ENGINE tackles both false positives and missed intents built on our proprietary patent-pending Natural Language Processing (NLP). Chat dialogue is streamed through our ‘filter’ which interprets what matters most to enquirers, to then make recommendations to responses that are easily adopted by bot employers.”

Ian Tomlin, Managing Director for the UK and European operations of INTNT.AI, echoed Mr Ho’s enthusiasm for the move.

He said: “We’re delighted to bring the world-leading innovations of INTNT.AI to the European region and have its centre of excellence located in the heart of East London Tech City in the Silicon Roundabout district.”

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