LetMeSpeak Introduces Interactive AI Dialogues for Practicing Spoken English

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 07:32 pm

LetMeSpeak is thrilled to unveil its groundbreaking English language learning feature – interactive dialogues with an AI bot. These dialogues provide users with the opportunity to practice their spoken English skills in realistic scenarios, creating a convenient and engaging learning experience.

The AI bot, known for its polite and friendly demeanor, establishes a safe and comfortable environment where users can freely practice their spoken English skills. Through dynamic and lively conversations, users can immerse themselves in a range of situations, including unexpected ones, refining their language skills.

LetMeSpeak takes a practical approach, focusing on authentic tasks rather than rote memorisation of phrases that may not apply in real-life situations. Users are presented with tasks that mirror real-world scenarios, allowing them to apply their language skills in a meaningful way. The AI bot evaluates their performance, providing valuable feedback to aid learners’ progress.

“Our goal in developing the Dialogues feature was to offer users the opportunity to practice their language skills in authentic, real-life situations. We wanted to recreate the experience of helping a friend with an order at a cafe, providing users with a tangible goal to accomplish. The AI Dialogues, powered by ChatGPT technology, simulate genuine conversations, assess your progress, and offer valuable feedback after each interaction,” explained Konstantin Degtiarev, Managing Director of LetMeSpeak.

By using LetMeSpeak’s AI Dialogues, users can practice their spoken English skills without limitations. They can enhance their language proficiency and build confidence before engaging in real-world conversations. These AI Dialogues replicate genuine interactions, allowing users to ask additional questions or seek recommendations from a virtual barista. This innovative approach to language practice fosters curiosity and engagement, providing a unique avenue to improve speaking skills.

Experience the future of English language learning with LetMeSpeak.

The interactive dialogues are accessible to all users on the web and Android platforms, with availability on iOS coming soon.

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