“Learn Valuable Techniques for Succeeding in Your Early Career with This New Book”

Rosie Duncan, a renowned communications consultant and mentor, has recently published a new book titled “The Early Career Book.” This pocket-sized guide is aimed at providing valuable mentorship to individuals in the early stages of their professional journey.

According to Duncan, the initial phase of one’s career is often filled with challenges and uncertainties. It is a time when individuals have to figure out their career preferences, understand their company’s dynamics, excel at their job, and navigate through difficult situations. This can be overwhelming, especially without proper support.

“We are taught many things in school, but dealing with the politics and emotional aspects of working life is not one of them. As a result, there will be obstacles along the way – you may not get along with everyone, face rejection, make mistakes, and have to push yourself on days when you feel like giving up. This is why I wrote this book – to share my learnings and experiences,” says Duncan.

The Early Career Book serves as a comprehensive guide for decision-making and assists readers in making important choices. Duncan offers insights on developing personal values, creating a career plan, working towards a promotion, and handling rejection and confrontation. She also delves into topics such as boundary setting, job changes, and continuous self-improvement, both personally and professionally.

The book has received praise from industry leaders, with Steve Hatch, Chief Executive Officer of You Gov, stating, “This is the book I wish I had on my first day at work. It strikes the perfect balance of wisdom, practical actions, and inspiration.”

Rosie Duncan is an award-winning communications consultant, author, and mentor, with a focus on mental health. With 15 years of experience in the field, she has encountered both successes and failures, making her an ideal guide for those starting their careers.

“The Early Career Book” will be published on February 22, 2024, by LID Publishing and will be available in paperback and e-book formats. For media inquiries, please contact Teya Ucherdzhieva at teya.ucherdzhieva@lidbusinessmedia.com or +44 (0) 7928 666 131. To learn more about Rosie Duncan, visit her website or LinkedIn. For information about LID Publishing, visit www.lidpublishing.com.

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