Leading UK legal tech firm Aalbun unveils analytics tool highlighting major market innovations

Last Updated on: 21st November 2023, 08:15 pm

Aalbun Analytics features huge database of patents, trademarks and tech advancements – giving users crucial insight, awareness and knowledge about their industry they never had before

Aalbun – one of the top legal tech startups in Britain – has officially released a new software platform offering users full access to the innovations happening across their sector, from registered patents to trademark data. 

Aalbun Analytics – which is now open to users following its grand launch at Slush Helsinki business conference in December 2021 – provides comprehensive, easy-to-digest data that shows big advancements and trends materialising in every market. 

Utilising the platform, users can gain crucial insight into what is changing in their industry – building vital innovation intelligence and positioning themselves for a competitive advantage as a result.  

The tool features a drill-down function that lets users explore trends in more intricate detail, whilst all data is presented in readable, intelligible formats. Filtering technology also allows users to sharpen research focus and gain a true understanding of competitors and innovators in their industry. 

Christian Bunke, CEO & co-founder at Aalbun said: “We felt there was a need for a robust and affordable SaaS tool for patent analytics to give innovators in every organisation access to valuable insights. 

“IP protection and innovation have always been driven by a strong understanding of the market and competitor invention. This is what we can offer with Aalbun Analytics.”

In 2020, Aalbun was named among the leading 12 legal tech startups in the UK for its network-based intellectual property services. The company now has employees and consultants situated all over the planet – offering global assistance to universities, multinationals, technology companies, research and development departments and sole innovators. 

Aalbun Analytics software is now open for registration. 

Signing up is free, and you can create an account and learn more by visiting Aalbun Analytics.

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